Redemption Pages

We offer several ways for you to show off swag options to your recipients, and for them to be able to easily redeem their gifts.

Dedicated Client Landing Pages

The most common solution.

Bundled Landing Pages

If you want your swag recipients to choose between two box choices, for example.

Mini Stores

For displaying multiple product boxes.

Fully Custom Stores

For clients with $250,000+ in annual product spend.

Ways to Gather Addresses

Online Collection Forms Icon-01

Online Collection Forms

If you need help gathering contact information.

Bulk Address Uploads Icon-01

Bulk Address Uploads

You can upload a .csv file if you already have addresses gathered.

On-Demand Checkouts Icon-01

On-Demand Checkouts

Individually and as needed. (For example: as new hires come onboard.)

Easy Ways to Redeem Swag

Olives with Gift Card2
Magic Links Icon-01

Magic Links

Only people with this link can reach your client project page.

Password-Protected Icon-01

Password-Protected Pages

A special password that gives the recipient access to a whole page.

Redemption Codes Icon-01

Redemption Codes

A special code that gives the recipient access to the product.

Pre-Loaded Gift Card Icons-01

Pre-Loaded Gift Cards

Each purchase the recipient makes is deducted from that balance.

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