Kitting, Fulfillment & Storage

All sourcing, quality control, and kitting is included when you order custom swag packs or our pre-set themed kits! Need storage? No problem.


When you inquire about creating a custom swag pack, you can expect one of our Swag Bar-tenders to reach out within a business day, ready to suggest only the best products for your pack.

For our Pre-set Themed Kits, we've done all the product sourcing for you. All you have to do is customize your kit, add to cart, and check out. We'll work with you on art approvals and get you to the finish line so your recipients can enjoy their gifts.

Quality Control

Your custom swag packs or pre-set themed kits will go through the production process (e.g. applying artwork to all of the products!) Not to brag, but we only work with premium vendors to finish your products via screen printing, embroidery, sublimation.. you get the idea.

Once those finished products arrive at our fulfillment facility, they are counted and spot checked for quality.


Once all final products are in our hands, we prep the kitting assembly line.

We can kit and ship up to 2,000 kits per day. We can also call in temporary staff if needed for larger projects.

Kitting & Fulfillment Fees

Shipping & Storage

All Custom Swag Packs and Pre-set Themed Kits are assembled, then either shipped or barcoded the same day.

If you need somewhere to store your items temporarily, we offer simple storage pricing with no hidden fees.

Shipping & Storage Fees

We also ship to your specs!

Ready to build your custom swag pack?

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