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Step 1: Pick your pack
(or create your own)

Swag should be fun, not cumbersome. We have numerous preset packs, or you can get crazy and create your own. 

Step 2: Describe your vision

Do you dream of pantones? Do all-over prints really rev your engine? Yeah, us too. But even if you aren’t quite sure, a few simple questions will point us in the right direction.

Step 3: Relax, we'll handle the rest.

With each and every project, we assign a dedicated design team to ensure that your swag vision becomes reality. When we say our swag is one-of-a-kind, we truly mean it.

"Swag Bar wins on all levels"

No Decision Overwhelm

No Decision Overwhelm

We’ve already done the hard work for you, narrowing down your decision pool from literally hundreds of thousands of products to just a select few that meet our quality and innovation standards. 

Free Agency Quality Design

FREE Design Team

With each and every project, we assign a dedicated design team with agency quality to ensure that your swag vision becomes reality. When we say our swag is one-of-a-kind, we truly mean it. Did we mention it’s free?


White Glove Service

From concept to delivery, our North Carolina-based team communicates regularly to ensure that your vision becomes reality.

"Swag management seems like it should be easy, until you look around the office and every team has a different closet full of stuff nobody wants. Swag Bar is basically the opposite of that."
MiA B.
Brand Manager

Top 3 Questions Asked

Do You Offer Storage?

Absolutely! We've got boatloads of space. No, seriously. Our warehouse and fulfillment facility in Charlotte, NC is expansive and we store tens of thousands of packages for our client base.

Can You Source ANY Product?

From North Face apparel to southwestern salsa, we've sourced just about anything you can think of. And if we haven't sourced it, rest assured we'll make it happen. Give us a challenge!

What Fees Do You Charge?

We keep our pricing very simple. We do NOT charge set-up fees, design fees, kitting or pick & pack fees, etc. Your final cost = the product cost + shipping + storage (if applicable).

Ready to get started?

Answer a few short questions and we'll respond back with a quote and dedicated designer

Custom Swag Boxes & Packs


If you’re looking for a custom swag box or pack, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Swag Bar, we are changing the game when it comes to gift boxes, baskets, and packages.


In the past, people associated swag with low quality junk you never actually used – from ugly, scratchy t-shirts that make their way to the bottom of your drawer or a water bottle you leave on the corner of your desk, collecting dust.


That won’t be the case with any of the swag options you find here – we source only the finest products, and allow you to build out your box your way. Whether you’re looking for employee gift boxesclient gift basketsnew hire welcomes kits, or just a general swag pack – we have something for you here.


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What Does Swag Mean?

Swag is a bit of an informal term that gets thrown around and could mean a few different things. But, it’s actually an acronym – standing for ‘stuff we all get’.

Swag is stuff you are given when you attend or participate in an event, or something you are given for being a part of a business or organization. It’s very common for new employees, clients, or vendors to receive swag from a vendor.

What Is A Swag Box?

You may have stumbled onto our website, and are clueless as to what a box of swag even is! A swag box is essentially just a pack filled with branded merchandise – it’s really that simple. And if you are a brand, corporate company, or any type of organization, these are a tool that you should be utilizing to help grow your brand, increase retention, and keep morale high.

These can be used for two primary purposes – to show appreciation for a group of people, generally either employees, vendors, or clients.

OR, the second purpose for these is to spread the word and act as a form of promotion. Because these are filled with branded goods, the recipient can then help get your logo out there in front of potential customers.

What Do You Put In A Swag Box?

There are so many different things you can put in your swag box that it can easily become convoluted and overcomplicated. But, it doesn’t have to be!

There is really no right or wrong answer as to what you should include in yours. There are a few different categories of products that are definitely staples in any swag pack, but the possibilities are literally endless.Here are some of the top products you can put in your swag bag:

  • Clothing & Apparel: These are the most common, and the most practical item you can include. Think items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, socks, etc.
  • Food & Drinkware: Another really common product-type is food & drinkware. These are perhaps even more practical than clothing, as people are always looking for a nice clean mug or cup. Some options here include coffee mugs, water bottles, vacuum food containers, tumblers, and more.
  • Office Supplies: These are a really great option for employee swag packs, or any other type of business relationship. Things like notebooks, sticky notes, pens & pencils, and more are all commonplace.
  • Tech Products: A new, cool category you can include in your swag pack are tech products. These are really practical, because people constantly lose their phone chargers. You can include one of these, or a power bank, blue light blocking glasses, a key finder, or even a wireless speaker!
  • Miscellaneous Products: The aforementioned categories are all great to include in any swag bag, but there are just so many cool products to include that don’t fit these categories. Things such as playing cards, backpacks, blankets, bottle openers, coasters – you name it. When we said earlier that the possibilities are endless, we really meant it!

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Custom Swag Pack Or Box?

If you’re a business or organization looking to put together a swag pack or box for your clients, vendors, or even your employees, there is just one place that’s worth your time – Swag Bar.

We are redefining what swag is, putting together packages that include only premium products you will feel proud to give away.

We have so many different product categories that you can build your box exactly how you want, using our custom swag box generator.

Nobody offers more control over the process when it comes to building your package or basket, either. We can put your logo on anything.

How Does It Work?

If you’re ready to get started, there are just three steps – start by choosing a base swag pack that calls out to you. We have all kinds of different themes that can serve as a starting point. OR, you can create your own custom swag box if you have something very particular in mind!

After that, we will pair you up with one of our in-house designers to get a better understanding of your vision for the pack – what type of colors, patterns, and designs do you have in mind? Like we said, we can print anything and everything, and do it however you want.

Whether you have a detailed vision with professional design files ready to go, or you are just getting started and you only have a sketch on a napkin – we can get started anywhere!

Once we narrow in on the details, we will get to work designing everything and get your feedback and approval. After that, all that’s left to do is let us produce your boxes of swag and get them shipped out to you, all within the specified timeline we agreed on before starting! It’s really that simple.

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