The Top Gift Ideas For Interns In 2021

The Top Gift Ideas For Interns In 2021

Whether you're welcoming them to the team or saying goodbye as they start their next journey - you feel obliged to get your intern a gift.

And your heart is in the right place - no doubt about that!

But what are the best intern gift ideas? There are so many routes you could take here, but there's no need to overcomplicate things, in our opinion.

That's why we think you should keep it simple and practical. Today, we're going to share the top intern gift ideas businesses have at their disposal.

These will work great for any occasion and will be sure to leave a fond, lasting impression of their time with you and your company long after they've gone.

Should You Get Your Intern A Gift?

You've been pondering for a while whether or not to get a gift for your intern, and you've taken to the internet to find out.

This is entirely up to you and really should depend on a few different things. If you're just bringing the intern on board, it's definitely a great idea.

They are likely nervous for their first day and don't know what to expect. You can set a welcoming tone by getting them practical gifts for their first day - think branded company gear, such as a hoodie or some office supplies. This will make them feel right at home, and you'll get more out of them that way.

Or, maybe you're considering intern gifts at the end of the internship. If you're not sure whether or not you should get them something, the answer is usually yes. Nevertheless, if you're on the fence you should simply consider their performance - were they hard workers? Did they care about their position, and seek out knowledge whenever possible?

If you had a dud of an intern who ended up being more work than they were worth, then maybe you don't need to get them a gift.

But we have a feeling that if you're here reading this article, that isn't the case. To thank your intern(s) for all their dedication and help, a gift is definitely in order. Now the question becomes, what gift should you get your intern?

What Is A Good Gift For An Intern? The Top Ideas In 2021

The best gifts for an intern should be - in our opinion - branded and practical. This keeps things professional and will either welcome them to the team or leave a fond memory of their time with you and your team.

Like we said earlier - these gift ideas are going to be great for just about any situation. Let's get started with the most simple - apparel.

Clothing: T-shirts, Hoodies, & Other Apparel

Why not get your intern their own branded t-shirts, hoodies, socks, long sleeves, vests, jackets, hats - or any other apparel, for that matter?

These are not only the simplest gifts you can go with but also the most practical.

We all have to wear clothes, right?

Getting them clothing with your logo will be a gift that serves its purpose for years - if not longer. You can't go wrong here!

Food & Drinkware

Another great custom intern gift idea you can consider is drinkware. Get them a coffee mug or tumbler to enjoy their morning coffee at the office.

Or, you can go with a water bottle instead. Another less common idea along these lines would be a food storage container. This will help them keep their snacks or lunch cool until lunchtime.

Either way, this serves as a great gift for any interns that are coming in or going out. Again, it's practical - that's a common theme you'll see among our recommendations. These gifts actually get used daily in some cases - especially drinkware.

Office Supplies: Notebooks, Pens, Sticky Notes, etc.

Another no-brainer gift idea for interns starting their first day on the job is office supplies. Why not custom design the type of stuff you need to get them anyway?

Notebooks, pens, sticky notes - these things are all office essentials. You can get them with your logo to create some office spirit for the new intern. Or, send them on their way and ensure they're well equipped for their next endeavor!

Either way, office supplies are one of the best gifts you can get an incoming or outgoing intern.

Tech-Related Gift Ideas

As technology continues to become more prominent in our lives, it only makes sense we'd have some techy gifts for you to give your interns.

This is a pretty broad category, as technology branches in so many directions. Items you can consider in this area include chargers, blue light glasses, webcam covers, speakers, power banks, air pods, and tons, tons more.

You can go with any combination of these items, and they'll all serve very well as either welcoming or parting gifts for your interns. For extra points, you can brand these with your company logo and truly make them one of a kind!

Backpacks, Bags, & Travel Gear

To help them transport their stuff to and from the office, you can also consider getting your interns gifts like a backpack, duffel bag, or other types of travel gear.

These will come in clutch when they need to take work home for the weekend, or just get their essentials to and from work. You can't go wrong with these, as they're another item that would be used almost daily!

Outdoorsy Gift Ideas

If you've gotten to know your interns and have come to realize they love spending time outside, you could tailor your gift with that in mind and get them something for the great outdoors!

You can go several ways with this, such as sunglasses or a pack of sunscreen if they love the beach. Or, get them some blankets if they enjoy picnics or sitting out at the park.

Other Custom Intern Gift Ideas Worth Considering

We've reached one of the final recommendations we're going to make for you and your business today - the ones that we can't really categorize as anything in particular!

Nevertheless, these are all great ideas. Consider getting them a nice bottle opener, coasters, a pendant, a mini basketball game, a slap bracelet, among just about anything else you can think of.

Because when it comes to getting your interns a gift, there really isn't much that is considered off-limits. You can take this any direction you'd like to - just keep it on brand and be professional!

Consider Getting Your Intern A Gift Basket To Welcome Them Or Say Farewell

We've listed some awesome, practical gift ideas for your intern - so all you have to do now is pick your favorites!

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Themed Swag Packs For Your Interns

Gifts are great - but themed gifts are even better! That's why we have a ton of preconfigured swag packs that are all based around a specific theme.

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