The Best Halloween Giveaways Ideas & Gifts Of 2021

The Best Halloween Giveaways Ideas & Gifts Of 2021

The Best Halloween Giveaways Ideas & Gifts Of 2021

Are you preparing a Halloween-based event? Maybe it's for your own kids and their friends, or it's for the office. Or, maybe you're prepping for a community-based event.

Whatever the case, one thing is for sure - you need to come up with some creative Halloween giveaway ideas to make sure the experience is a positive, memorable one for everyone in attendance.

There are so many moving parts that will go into planning out your Halloween theme party or event. Don't stress over the giveaway ideas or gifts - we've got you covered there!

In this complete guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about nailing your Halloween giveaway. We'll explain why giveaways and custom Halloween gifts are so important, and share some of our top ideas with you. You're not going to want to miss this one - so keep reading!

What Events Should Feature A Halloween Giveaway Of Some Sort?

Maybe you're not quite set on offering custom Halloween gifts or doing any sort of Halloween giveaway at your event. Is it really even necessary? Well, it depends.

First and foremost, do you have the budget to build out custom Halloween gifts? If you're just organizing a small event for friends and family, this may be a bit unrealistic. But, if you're organizing a Halloween theme party or event where you have a budget - yes, giveaways and gifts are a great idea. In fact, they will be one of the most important components of your event.

Whether you're planning a fun Halloween company party or you're in charge of organizing Halloween night for the Boys and Girls Club, make sure you secure some sort of budget for these Halloween giveaway ideas. They aren't cheap, but they are certainly worth it.

What Are The Best Halloween Giveaway Ideas Of 2021?

Now, let's move on to the fun part - unveiling our favorite Halloween giveaway ideas of the year. We've seen businesses and non-profit organizations alike use some of these ideas as a fun Halloween giveaway idea - and you can too.

Custom Baggies For Trick or Treating (Already Filled With Candy!)

If you're planning an event for the office, this one may not be for you. This is definitely a giveaway idea or gift for children who will be trick or treating this year. But, maybe there are enough parents with young kids in your organization to justify this idea!

You can create fun Halloween baggies for the kids to go trick or treating in. This is a great idea if your event comes just before Halloween. But to really make this an awesome Halloween giveaway idea, add some candy to the bag, first! This will give the kids a headstart in their quest to secure the most loot possible!

Halloween Mugs & Drinkware

We can never have enough coffee mugs or drinkware. If you're like us, you start your day with a few cups of coffee and then move on to drinking water for the rest of the day. Then, maybe you have a cold beer at the end of the day to wind down. Across all three of these drink types, you'll need different types of drinkware!

So, you can't go wrong featuring some custom mugs, glasses, tumblers, or water bottles in your Halloween giveaway ideas. You can get these customized with Halloween colors and emblems or go with a different type of logo. Whatever the case, this Halloween giveaway idea is as functional as it gets - they'll use it every day!

Warm, Fall Clothing

When you celebrate Halloween, you often do so outside. And this time of year, temperatures start to drop. It becomes especially cold after dark when you take the kids trick or treating. As such, another great custom Halloween giveaway idea is some new warm clothing.

This can be something as simple as a pair of wool socks or a hoodie, jacket, hat, gloves, or even a scarf - you name it, nothing is off-limits here! These Halloween giveaway ideas are another awesome, functional choice. You can customize them to be any colors you want, with all sorts of design possibilities. You can even choose from top brands like North Face, Columbia, and more.


Who doesn't love bundling up outside on a cool fall night? Whether you're laying out watching the stars above or you head to the drive-in theater on Halloween for a scary movie, a blanket is a necessary component.

As such, Halloween blankets are one of the best ideas you can use for your giveaway. You can go with a picnic blanket or a fleece blanket, there is no limit on the possibilities.


When we all head out for trick or treating this year, you'll see all sorts of flashlights lighting the sidewalks or roadway. These are a crucial tool in your trick or treating journey - so why not feature some flashlights in your Halloween giveaway?

You can take things a step further and even include some flashing light-up gear for the kids. They wear these bracelets or accessories on their body. And then at night when they're wandering from house to house in search of candy, they're easily visible from the street. This keeps them within the view of drivers at all times - keeping them safe.

Are You A Business Looking For Some Creative Halloween Giveaway Ideas?

These Halloween giveaway ideas above are great for any type of party or event. But, perhaps you came here to discover Halloween giveaway ideas for your next promotion. If you're a business or organization looking to plan out some form of Halloween giveaway, you're in luck.

You can do a Halloween giveaway on social media or on your website for customers and fans. Whether you do something simple like a "guess how many items" contest, or something a bit more creative like a Halloween costume photo contest, one thing is for sure. These Halloween giveaways are a great way to drive attention and sales to your business.

Guess How Many Pieces Of Candy Are In The Jar?

You can fill up a jar or bag with your favorite Halloween treat - whether it be candy corn or candy pumpkin, or even classic M&M's. Post a photo on social media and allow users to guess how many total pieces are in the jar.

After the set time frame, you'll count up how many pieces of candy are actually in the jar. Then, whoever is closest wins! You can provide them with one of your products free of charge, or put together an awesome gift basket for them.

Halloween Costume Photo Contest

Another great idea is to set up a Halloween costume photo contest. Encourage users to tag you on Instagram or use a hashtag for the contest. You can compile submissions, and you and your team vote internally on the winner.

Want to really get creative? You can make this a "pet costume" contest. Here, users have to dress up their cat or dog in a fun Halloween costume and submit the photo as their entry. Who doesn't love seeing dogs! There is a good chance one of these costumes ends up going viral, and all that traffic is coming back to your page.

Get Custom Halloween Giveaway Swag Today!

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