Top 4 Reasons To Give Employees Gifts

Top 4 Reasons To Give Employees Gifts

Top 4 Reasons To Give Employees Gifts

Some employers think that giving gifts to employees is a waste of precious capital–when in fact, it is often an investment in their company’s well-being as a whole. 

In the corporate world, gifts are seen as tokens of appreciation. And for many business owners, showing a little bit of appreciation goes a long way. Gifts make employees feel valued, and as valued members of the business, they are more likely to stay longer and contribute to the company.

A win-win situation, don’t you think?

But let’s dig a bit deeper here–what exactly are the reasons to give employees gifts?

What Are Acceptable Employee Gifts?

Before we dive into the reasons to give employees gifts, let’s talk about what are acceptable employee gifts first.

In general, you want to avoid gifts that are too expensive. For one, an overly expensive gift may be burdensome to the receiver. More importantly, it will cost you a lot of money. That said, try to keep each gift to around $10 to $20.

Furthermore, you should avoid gifts that are inappropriate for the workplace (e.g. gag gifts), potentially triggering (e.g. alcohol), and things that the receiver won’t be able to use (e.g. a car mount for someone that doesn’t have a car).

Instead, choose useful employee gifts like office supplies or personal care items that they are more likely to use every day. You can also opt for fun gifts like treat jars or small desk decor, among many others. For more employee gift ideas, check out our article on what is a good employee gift!

What Are The Top Reasons To Give Employees Gifts

More often than not, giving gifts to employees is a mutually beneficial thing. To be more specific, here are the benefits that you’ll unlock by giving gifts to your employees:

Increased Motivation and Productivity

In any setting, receiving a gift makes one happy and appreciated. This is especially true in the workplace - where employees bust their behinds day in, day out. Giving them a gift shows that their hard work is noticed and appreciated.

And as a result of those positive feelings, an employee is more likely to put their best foot forward. Furthermore, a gift is a physical reminder of recognition of their hard work, which will make them more motivated to work harder because they know they will get rewarded for it.

Higher Morale and Retention

Giving gifts to employees boosts morale in the workplace, which can have a significant impact on company culture as well as employee retention. When people in the workplace are happy and motivated, they are less likely to leave. As a result, your turnover rate will be lower, which means you can minimize the costs of hiring and training new employees.

Better Engagement

Disinterest in the workplace is the seed of dissatisfaction and eventual resignation. Prevent that seed from growing by keeping your employees engaged, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by giving them gifts. 

Improved Customer Service

This is one of the most important reasons to give your employees gifts, because customer service heavily affects your bottom line.

Look at it this way: your employees are the first ones that customers interact with. And if they are unhappy, it is likely that your customers will be unhappy as well. That said, giving your employees gifts is one of the best ways to keep them satisfied, which will translate into better work performance and–ultimately–enhanced customer service.

When To Give Employees Gifts

There are many opportunities to give your employees gifts all year round. If you are currently gearing up your gift-giving plans for this year, here are the best times to give employees tokens of appreciation:

Whenever You Onboard New Employees

When onboarding new employees, what is a better welcome than a heartfelt gift? Giving gifts to new employees can make them feel even more motivated for their new job. And in a way, a gift at the start of a new job is like a sign that they are on the right track, which is perhaps the best way to begin the new chapter in their career.

If you can’t decide what gift to get your new hires, check out these new hire welcome kits to make your gift shopping a whole lot easier!

Christmas/End Of Year Gifts

Increase the holiday cheer around the office by giving your employees some nice end-of-year gifts. From gift baskets and Christmas cookies to tech accessories and company swag, whip up something special for the people that bring your company success.

Reminder: not everyone celebrates Christmas, so be sure to check with HR to ensure that giving gifts is appropriate for everyone in the workplace.

Birthday Gifts

Unlike Christmas gifts, birthday gifts are not usually expected at the office. So, giving your employee a gift on their birthday is bound to make them feel important.

Make your employee’s special day even more special with a birthday gift. Whether it’s something simple or a bit fancier, a birthday gift from the office will make anyone feel valued. Just make sure to remember everyone’s birthdays so no one feels left out (pro tip: let HR take care of this for you!). 

Performance Gifts

Hard work deserves to be rewarded–and not just with bonuses. Give special gifts to your best team players to show how much you appreciate their stellar work. Aside from making them feel seen for their hard work, gifts also serve as rewards that will motivate them to be consistent or work even harder. At the same time, it will serve as inspiration to other employees to go the extra mile so that they, too, can receive the same treatment.

Just Because Gifts

You don’t always need a reason to give gifts to your employees. Sometimes, you just want to reward them out of the blue. Or maybe you just feel like being generous. Either way, “just because” gifts are always pleasant surprises, so if you have the budget, don’t hesitate to do so.

Moreover, just because gifts don’t have to be expensive. Things like small gift baskets, desk plants, and coffee mugs are not extravagant gifts, but they can make your employees happy nonetheless.

Final Thoughts On The Top Reasons To Give Employees Gifts

In the workplace, a gift is so much more than “free stuff”--it is a symbol of appreciation; a reward for an employee’s hard work and loyalty. And if you are a smart business owner, you will know exactly why it is so important to show employees that you value them.

Giving gifts to employees can increase motivation, morale, productivity, and job satisfaction, which affects your bottom line in more ways than one. In essence, giving gifts to your employees makes them happy, and if they are happy, they bring more success to your company.

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