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Branded & Marketing Gift Boxes

Swag boxes, swag packs, swag kits, swag bags… whatever you call them, we’re here to help. It’s all we do, and we feel like we were born to do this job. Little known fact, one of our designers was actually born in an office swag closet. Har har, we’ve got jokes.

But seriously, swag is fun and we love our jobs. We’ll help you design, create and ship branded swag boxes that will knock the socks off of the recipient, pun intended (because you know, we love a good pair of promo socks). 

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"The packs are fun, the design team is amazing, and the service is unlike anything I've experienced. Barring a zombie apocalypse, we'll be a Swag Bar partner for very long time."

Jeff B.

Sr. Director, Human Resources

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About Our Branded Gift Boxes

If you have an upcoming event or a business you want to promote, our branded gift box options are a must-see!

Sometimes referred to as a marketing gift box, these are a great, unique way to spread the word about something important to you. And, these perform very well, because of how well received they are.

By putting your business or event logo on the items within the promotional gift basket, these serve as a practical, outside-the-box marketing channel.

What Is A Branded Gift Box?

A branded gift box, also known as a marketing gift box, is simply a collection of swag that represents whatever you are trying to promote.

If you’re a small business looking to create a relationship with vendors, potential clients, or even new employees, these are great. 

With the business world becoming more and more competitive, it’s the little things like these that will help you gain more business and maintain long-term relationships with your customers, partners, or vendors.

But these are great for those promoting events too. You can curate a branded gift box and give it away at your event. People love these boxes and baskets, and they will certainly be a hit!

What Should Be Included In A Marketing Gift Box?

The tough part about putting together a marketing gift box is deciding what to put in it, because the possibilities are truly endless.

From clothing to tech, there are a few different categories you should include no matter what. You can’t go wrong with any of the following:

Apparel – T-shirts, hats, socks, hoodies, etc, all branded with your logo.

Office Supplies – these are a really good idea for your corporate or client gift baskets. You can include branded pens, notepads, sticky notes, and other office essentials.

Drinkware – Another popular category these days is drinkware. Everyone carries insulated water bottles or coffee thermoses with them these days, or you could consider a traditional coffee mug!

Tech – Include items like power banks and chargers, headphones, wireless speakers, blue light blocking glasses.

Miscellaneous – We said the possibilities for your marketing gift box are endless, and we meant it. You can include misc. Items such as bags, playing cards, blankets, chocolate bars, and much more.

Why Design Your Promotional Gift Box With Swag Bar?

You have lots of options to customize your promotional gift box or basket with, so why choose Swag Bar?

Simply put, nobody offers this much control over the design process. We can really create any sort of box or basket you want, with different quantities, product types, etc.

In the past, “swag” was associated with low quality stuff that cluttered your desk or made its way to the bottom of your dresser. We’re redefining that, and only include premium products in our collections.