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Client & Corporate Gift Boxes

Creating client thank you gift boxes is an incredibly cumbersome and lengthy expedition. You have to source and vet the items, design the artwork, procure the items from a variety of suppliers, check the items for quality issues, pick and pack the boxes, and finally ship them all out individually.

In our estimation, the average swag box project takes 88 people hours, stealing valuable time from your typical responsibilities. We'll take the entire project off your plate and give you all that time back.

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"The packs are fun, the design team is amazing, and the service is unlike anything I've experienced. Barring a zombie apocalypse, we'll be a Swag Bar partner for very long time."

Jeff B.

Sr. Director, Human Resources

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About Our Client & Corporate Gift Boxes

Your customers have so many different options, and yet they choose you. That’s why our client gift boxes are a great way to improve retention and solidify relationships with those you do business with.

Swag Bar is the #1 source for all things “swag”, but we are redefining what that term means. In the past, you associated company swag with low quality items you let accumulate on your desk or in the bottom of your dresser. 

But when you work with us to customize your client gift basket, you get nothing but quality. These are items your customers are sure to love, and actually wear or use! 

Why Giving Corporate Gift Boxes Goes Such A Long Way

Giving your client a gift box is a unique way to show your appreciation for them choosing to do business with you.

Unless you’re a monopoly, there are no shortage of competitors in your field. Offering an exceptional product or service is of the utmost importance of course, but still – you need to stand out, going above and beyond to retain these clients.

That’s where a corporate gift box comes in. Whether it’s on a birthday, a holiday, or just because, the reaction you’ll garner from sending one of these to your loyal customers is a no-brainer investment.

Gaining clients is easy, but retaining them is not. Nurturing a relationship with each and every client is how you will decrease turnover, and keep your clients onboard for years to come. 

Of course, a gift box doesn’t guarantee you’ll keep them around – but in an age where there are no shortage of options all offering what appears to be the same thing, it’s the little details like this that will ensure successful long term business relationships.

What To Include In A Company Gift Box

So you know you want to send your top clients something special this year. But what exactly should you include in your company gift box?

This is entirely up to you. You can either brand the swag you send them with your logo, their logo, or both – to symbolize your partnership! 

As for specific types of products to include, apparel is always a popular choice. T-shirts, hats, socks, you name it – people love practically, and something they can wear is a great starting point. Here are some other things you might consider including:

Drinkware: insulated water bottles, thermosus, or coffee mugs

Tech gadgets: power banks & phone chargers, blue light blocking glasses, speakers, etc.

Office supplies: writing pads & notebooks, sticky notes, pens & pencils, etc.

Miscellaneous: bags, blankets, chocolate, planters, coasters, bottle openers – you name it!

We’ve curated the top categories of products, and then the products themselves, to provide you with the best quality and supply of items to include in your client gift box. We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to!