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Virtual Event & Conference Gift Boxes

Virtual conferences might not be so new anymore, but it’s still incredibly hard to get them right. One of the most under-invested ways you can leave a lasting impression with attendees is to ship them a thoughtfully curated swag bag.

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About our Virtual Gift Boxes For Conference Or Event

In 2022, you can expect a lot more instances where you either give or receive a virtual gift box for an event or conference. 

While things are trending back towards normalcy in regards to COVID-19, it will be a long while before we start gathering for traditional conferences or events – these days, we attend via zoom!

And while you might not be able to physically hand it to them, a virtual event or conference gift box is a great way to ensure people enjoy your event or conference, and keeps your sponsors and vendors happy.

What Exactly Is A Virtual Gift Box?

A virtual gift box sounds odd, but it’s actually a really cool conception, and these have been very well received thus far.

A huge part of networking is attending industry-wide conferences or events, and you are able to give your own companies swag and receive it from other companies.

While most of these instances are now online, you can still provide virtual event swag! Virtual conference gift boxes are essentially the exact same thing as the physical version.

The only difference is how it’s gifted, and where it’s opened. You can send these out to all the attendees for your event, and allow them to open the bags on the zoom call. This is a unique way to provide swag even during these unprecedented times, and allow people to feel like things are somewhat normal.

What Should You Put In A Virtual Event Or Conference Gift Box?

Wondering what you should put in your virtual event or conference gift box? This is the fun part – it’s totally up to you! 

If you already had swag ideas for a physical event or conference that is now made virtual due to COVID-19, you can even gift this exact same swag – simply obtain the mailing addresses of attendees, and send them on their way.

But if you don’t even know where to begin planning your virtual conference gift box, no worries – we are here to help.

There are a few different types of items you can include, and some are more commonplace than others. Here are a few options:

Clothing & Apparel – Putting things like hats, t-shirts, and even socks in your virtual event swag is one of the best options. It has two benefits – the person receiving it will love it and wear it proudly, which then creates hype for your next event!

Drinkware – we all need something to drink out of, whether it’s a coffee mug, water bottle, or thermos. And branding these items for your virtual event is a great option. Nobody ever turns down a free water bottle or coffee tumbler!

Writing Utensils – Even if you aren’t conducting a super corporate event, adding some pens, pencils, notebooks, and sticky notes to your virtual swag bag are all great options. Again, these are items everyone needs, so you can’t go wrong here!

Tech Items – If you’re looking to really stand out with your virtual conference swag packs, you can add some tech to the mix. We can provide some cool options such as power banks and chargers, speakers, blue light glasses, and more! 

Miscellaneous – The aforementioned categories are the most commonly included in any swag bag, virtual or not. BUT, there are so many other great products you can include, that we have a miscellaneous category. From blankets to playing cards, chocolate bars to coasters, you can really add anything!

Build Virtual Gift Boxes For Your Conference Or Event At Swag Bar!

If you’re planning an event or conference and want to show your appreciation for vendors or attendees, build your custom swag pack right here.

Nobody offers more control over the design process with a more diverse selection of products. And when you work with us, you aren’t running the risk of gifting cheap, junky items that nobody wants. We source only premium products to include in our virtual event gift box.

With us on your side, you’ll be well on your way to hosting an event that people talk about long after the fact.