Can Companies Give Gifts To Employees?

Can Companies Give Gifts To Employees?

Can Companies Give Gifts To Employees?

There is no law barring companies from giving gifts to their employees. So yes, companies can indeed give gifts to their employees. And they can do so for various reasons, too!

Some companies hand out gifts to new hires, to old-timers who exhibit stellar performance on a monthly basis, as well as to those who are celebrating their birthdays/ special milestones in their career, among many other reasons. And in this article, we’ll cover all the reasons companies are skeptical about gifting - and explain why they’re not cause for concern at all! Let’s dive right in…

Can Companies Give Gifts To Employees?

Despite it being a popular thing to do in the office these days, some companies are still on the fence about starting a culture of gift giving in the workplace. Their doubts lead us to ask, can companies give gifts to employees?

The things that most companies are apprehensive about in starting this wonderful tradition would probably elicit some laughter. Don’t believe us? Check out below the common reasons why companies even wonder if they can actually gift employees!

They are not sure if it’s ethical

In the workplace where there has always been a certain level of detachment between the boss and the employees, and as well as among colleagues, it is understandable to question the ethics of gift giving. The people in charge of making this decision will first have to think about the criteria for who gets to receive gifts, what milestones in life and in one’s career should be a reason for them to be given gifts, and etc. 

Naturally, they will also be worried that if they are going to give gifts to a certain few, how will the rest respond. Will the act of gift giving be construed as giving favors, as bribery, or as something else that is grossly disproportionate to the company’s intention in the first place? 

These are just some questions that the boss, and maybe the Human Resources will have to consider. 

They are not sure if it’s financially sustainable 

These are tough times, companies do budget cuts here and there. At a time when most corporations try to limit spending, it would be easy to understand why a lot of companies wonder if gift-giving is even something that they should try?

If you give great gifts this year, and the next fiscal year will not be as good fiscally speaking, can you really sustain the culture of corporate gifting? Or will you just give your employees a chance to compare last year’s gift to the serious gift downgrade of the current year?

They are not sure what gifts are appropriate

With the diversity in race, culture, and religion in the workplace, deciding on the kind of gifts to give can be a tricky business. This is why a lot of companies just play it safe instead and choose not to hand out gifts to employees. 

What Are The Guidelines For Companies Giving Gifts To Employees?

While those apprehensions we have listed above are very much understandable, we are certain that there are companies out there who sincerely wish to implement this touching tradition in their office. And in this article, we are going to make it easy for them by handing them these guidelines in giving gifts to employees. 

If You’re Giving Employees Gifts, Make Sure Everyone Is Included

So you have finally decided to stop asking if you can and decided that you should. If you are clear on what you want to do, then the first tip is to make sure that no one gets overlooked. Be inclusive. 

Make it a point that if you are handing out gifts to people on the second floor, the ones on the other floors receive one as well. Doing this would keep them from entertaining funny thoughts like “is someone being bribed?”

Keep Things Workplace Appropriate

Be aware of the diversity of race, religion, and beliefs among your office staff. Make sure that none of the gifts you provide is offensive to any of the cultural or religious groups that exist in the office. 

There are plenty of useful, meaningful, and quality gifts you can give out anyway. So no matter how funny you might think it would be, stick to the wholesome stuff and don’t even entertain the idea of giving out those other tacky and possibly offensive stuff. 

Set the same budget for all of the staff

We don’t want them to think you have favorites, that will just create jealousy, unhealthy competition, and assumptions of you playing favorites. That paints a toxic work environment and that defeats the purpose of corporate gifting. 

Keep away from giving out cash

Unless it’s a bonus, don’t ever consider giving out cash as a gift. It is tacky, and does not really inculcate the warmest feelings to the receiver.

Why Should Companies Give Gifts To Employees?

You know that companies can give gifts to employees. But, what you may not know is that it’s actually incredibly important that you do so. Here’s why companies should strongly consider implementing a corporate gifting policy.

Increase Workplace Morale

Not every day is a good day in the office. There are down times, and a lot of disheartening things could be happening in your employees’ personal lives too. When the productivity level is down because of variables that are beyond our control, the only thing we can really do to appease our workers is increase workplace morale. 

Giving gifts is one way of doing this. 

Improve Employee Retention

When employees are happy, they grow to love their place in the company. They work harder to keep their jobs, and even aspire for greater heights by seeking promotions. You want this sort of energy around the office. You want to keep them motivated, hone them, and keep them. 

Handing out presents every now and then will help you in this goal. 

Spread Brand Awareness

We have established in previous articles that corporate gifting is a tremendous help to your brand awareness campaigns. When your gifts bearing your company logo circulate around the city or even around the state, you boost your brand recognition, elevate consumer trust, and just really make a noise for your company’s name. Who wouldn’t want that?

Gifts Are Tax-Deductible

You probably thought of this before, are employee gifts tax-deductible? Well, yes they are!

So more than just spreading goodwill and boosting your brand’s name, you get tax deductions by at least USD25 per gift, per employee, per year!  

Have Some Fun Along The Way!

At the end of the day, what employees remember the most are the smallest details of their stay in the company that has become their home for a long time, even all throughout their career. 

It is the job of employers to keep it light even on the hardest days. You cannot just be driven by profits, you have to take care of your employees as well. And taking care of them means sprinkling some joy and fun in their otherwise monotonous life. 

Every now and then, surprise them with gift boxes and care packages. Little efforts like that will ensure that they get fun memories to keep them going during rough times. 

How Can Companies Give Gifts To Employees Easily?

If you have read this far, then you have probably decided that you want to start giving gifts to your employees. Of course, you can just look up what could be good gifts for your employees and at the same time research some DIY tips but those just have a 50 percent chance of being a hit among your staff. 

You want to do it right? You want to make your staff happy? We’ve got helpful tips for you below!

Find A Trustworthy Swag Provider

You’d be surprised that this really is just the one and only tip we can give. But it is the most useful tip of all. 

To give the best gifts that are sure to delight and impress your employees, you have to find a swag provider that’s been in the business long enough to know what you need even when you’re just on the phone explaining to them some of your ideas. 

A trustworthy provider is one that will make the entire process of your gift-giving simple and successful. And that’s really just all you need to do this whole thing right. 

What Is The Best Swag Provider For Companies In 2022?

You probably have seen this coming. The best Swag Provider for Companies in 2022?

Swag Bar! There’s just nothing that can parallel the services that we provide. The passion and dedication that we put in for each product remain incontestable. 

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So again, can companies give gifts to employees? Absolutely!

But do all companies do corporate gifting right? If success in corporate gifting means that the employees are pleased with the gifts they get, is success guaranteed to all companies who engage in it?

Only if they get their swag from Swag Bar!

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Here Are A Few Of Our Favorite Employee Gift Ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your employee gift giving endeavors? Here are a few of our favorites...

Bento Boxes

With the pandemic still going on, having their own Bento Boxes complete with matching utensils is not only a thoughtful gift, it will also help promote hygiene and good health among your staff as owning one will encourage them to cook and bring their own lunches instead of relying on food takeouts. 

Mini Action Figures

There is a child in each one of us. If you happen to get to know your employees and find out who are fond of anime and other cartoon characters, our mini action figures might just be the perfect gift for them. Surprise them with their favorite character’s mini action figure and they’ll surely be leaping with joy out of their desks. 

Themed Swag Pack 

You can get the most fantastic gift boxes from our pre-configured Swag Packs. If you just don’t have the time to agonize over the perfect gift box but want something that will surely impress your employees, go over our list of curated Swag Packs and pick the one that appeals to you best. 

Cold Brew Bottles

Who doesn’t love coffee? More than half of the workforce drink coffee, and are even certified caffeine addicts. For these caffeine-dependents, cold brew bottles might be a useful and delightful gift. Not to mention, money-saving, too! All they have to do is make coffee the night before using their cold brew bottle, and store it in the fridge for them to drink on the way to work the next morning. 

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Can Companies Give Gifts To Employees? Wrapping Things Up

Companies can give gifts to their employees. There should be no doubt about that. But if your goal is to give the best gifts that are sure to elicit wows from your employees, both old and new? There is really just one place you should go. For all sorts of swag box needs, Swag Bar is the place to start!