New Hire Gift Ideas To Make Them Feel Welcome On The First Day

New Hire Gift Ideas To Make Them Feel Welcome On The First Day

New Hire Gift Ideas To Make Them Feel Welcome On The First Day

Joining a new company or simply entering the workforce fresh out of college is an important milestone in a person’s life. One that ought to be celebrated and, ideally, be marked by a special remembrance. As an employer, you can help ease your new hire’s anxiety and set out on the right foot with proper onboarding. This goes beyond an employee manual and the basic office supplies. A little new hire welcoming gift will surely go a long way to ensure a great future working relationship. 

The efforts you’ll make in ensuring your new employees feel welcome on their first day in your office won’t come to waste. New hires are impressionable. Place a welcoming gift box on their desk on their first day in the office and you tell them not only that they are valued, but that they have just landed a job that they should value. 

Now, choosing the best possible new hire welcome gifts can be tricky. But that’s where we can help. In this article, we are going to share with you new hire welcome gift ideas that can help you introduce your company to your newest employees and make the best impression. 

So keep scrolling and sift through the fabulous new hire gift ideas we have laid out for you below! First, we’ll break down the importance of new hire welcome gift ideas.

Should You Consider New Hire Welcome Gifts?

Yes! There is absolutely no drawback in handing out new hire welcome gifts to the new kids on the block. You’ll gain nothing but benefits in doing so. 

In the same way that we motivate our regular employees by making an effort to show them our appreciation, showing warmth to new employees on their first day would also help them feel immediately at home. This, in turn, will allow them to function better in their new environment. 

New hires spend a huge portion of their first day at work gauging everything, and everyone. They take mental notes. From the office interiors, the quality of desks and swivel chairs, the brand of coffee at the pantry, the colleagues, and most of all– the boss. If you get it right, from those minor details they have observed on their first day, you earn their respect, their loyalty, and their commitment. 

You want to make the best impression. So you’ll need new hire welcome gift ideas to help you get started on this. 

How To Choose The Best New Hire Gift Ideas

In companies, this kind of PR or Marketing project often involves a team who would specialize in the generation of ideas, search for suppliers, design, handing out welcome gifts, and everything else in between. 

However, with the bulk of tasks and projects that have to be done to maintain the company’s speed of operation, sometimes this sort of work can be a cause of stress for most teams. To help you take care of this aspect of the business, we have taken the liberty to lay out a process you can follow as you choose the best new hire gift ideas. 

Keep Things Simple & Practical

When deciding on the kind of gifts to give out to your new hires, you might be tempted to go for just about anything you can think of. Don’t make the mistake of indulging in that temptation. 

As fun as that might sound, you don’t really want to present your new employee with a grandiose gift that will take up a lot of desk space but not really get used. Don’t go for sparkly, useless stuff. Our suggestion? Pick gifts that are simple but useful. 

Invest In Quality Gifts To Set The Tone

You want them to respect the company, and in the process, respect their jobs. You want to promote a culture of excellence, professionalism, and integrity. To do all that, make sure that even the gifts you give them on their first day as part of the company are in line with the expectations for quality you have for them. 

Give away premium quality stuff. Even the smallest and simplest of presents, as long as they are of good quality, make a good impression. And that’s what you should be gunning for. 

Find A Swag Supplier That Can Guide You Through The Process

This is perhaps the best tip we can give. There are people out there who have had the training and who are actually in the business of creating merchandise gifts. In the absence of a team who can take care of this for you, getting a Swag Supplier to help you is a good idea. They can help you do corporate gifting right. 

Swag Suppliers can help you meet your gifting goals, and if you hire a good one, we’ll bet you that you will surely get your money’s worth. 

So, What Are The Best New Hire Gift Ideas?

When it comes to the most unique swag ideas, it’s hard to be objective. After all, every new hire is different, in the same way that every company has different cultures and goals. But being a brand that’s been in the business of creating corporate gifts, Swag Bar has authority on the matter. 

At Swag Bar, we have the best new hire welcome kits, and from our array of products, you can already get the most awesome new hire welcome gift ideas. We’ll explain what makes our process so special later on. For now, explore these awesome new hire gift box ideas:

The Office Zen Swag Pack

Looking for the simplest new hire welcome gift ideas?

This gift pack is the perfect present for those workaholic, idealistic newbies in the office who want nothing more than to be great at their jobs and please the boss. Products included are the following:

  • Medium Pennant
  • Haworthia Coarctata Plante
  • 5.5 x 8.25″ Medium Soft Touch Hardback Notebook
  • Metal Soft Touch Pens (2 pack)
  • H2Go Force 17 oz. Water Bottle
  • Stone Coaster
  • Die-cut Magnet Pack (3 unique magnets)
  • 4 x 6″ Flat Insert Card (recycled)
  • Custom Printed Mailer Box (recycled)
  • Recycled Crinkle Cut Fill (recommended)

The Tech Lover Swag Pack

In this day and age, there is hardly an office without a certified tech junkie. The workforce is predominantly made up of millennials and Gen Z–  the two generations that have been most exposed to technology. The Tech Lover Swag Pack will be a great gift for this bunch. This gift box is not only made up of free stuff that tech lovers want but also of gadgets that the workers of today’s generation absolutely need. It includes the following:

  • Single Port Wall Charger
  • Phone Stand
  • Vegan Leather Tech Taco
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • SpotPro Key Finder
  • Laser Engraved Webcam Cover
  • Rubberized Power Bank
  • Chyrp Wireless Speaker
  • 4 x 6″ Insert Card
  • Custom Printed Mailer Box
  • Crinkle Cut Fill (recommended)

The No Thought Required Swag Pack

The No Thought Required Swag Pack is perhaps what you can call a safe choice. With the combination of products being extremely versatile, this new hire gift bag is sure to please any crowd. It includes the following:

  • Bella & Canvas Airlume Cotton T-shirt
  • Custom Sock Lab Knitted Dress Socks
  • Ceramic Campfire Mug
  • 5.5 x 8.25″ Medium Soft Touch Hardback Notebook
  • Metal Soft Touch Pens
  • 4 x 6″ Insert Card
  • Die-cut Sticker Pack
  • Custom Printed Mailer Box
  • Crinkle Cut Fill (recommended)

The Sock Swag Pack

This gift pack composed of quirky sock products will surely make the day of any new hire who is a sworn sock lover. It is a simple but heartwarming gift that, in the coldest days, will also be warming their feet! What new hire gift box ideas could be cuter than this?

The Sock Swag Pack includes: 

  • Custom Sock Lab Cotton Dress Socks (3 pairs)
  • 4 x 6″ Flat Insert Card
  • Custom Printed Small Sock Box

The Summertime Swag Pack

Our Summertime Swag Pack must be on everyone’s top new hire gift box ideas. Summer comes around every year. Got any new hires this season? Hype them up with a thoughtful gift bag containing stuff they can use for a day at the beach. Surely, this gives them the message that even if you want office hours to be spent solely on company projects, you also encourage well-deserved weekend summer escapades. 

This gift box includes the following:

  • Medium Weight Beach Towel
  • 12 oz. Travel Wine Tumbler
  • Knit Drink Koozie
  • Wooden Bottle Opener
  • Light-up Mini Wireless Speaker
  • 1.9 oz. SPF 30 Sunscreen with Carabiner (2 pack)
  • Color Frame Sunglasses
  • 4 x 6″ Insert Card
  • Custom Printed Mailer Box
  • Crinkle Cut Fill (recommended)

Want To Build Your Own Swag Pack With Unique Gift Ideas?

Of course, while some might prefer pre-configured gift packs, there are others who might want to get a bit more creative. After all, you know your people best, you hired them, you profiled them, so you must have an idea of what they might like. More importantly, you know what your company’s corporate gifting goals are. 

Fortunately, for those who wish to design their own, you can make use of Swag Bar’s build-your-own swag-pack feature! With this amazing feature, you can pick the specific products you want to include in your pack. You’ll get a lot of new hire gift bag ideas from our ample list of categories that you can choose from:

  • Apparel
  • Apparel Accessories
  • Drinkware
  • Pens
  • Journals/Notebooks/Notepads
  • Techie gadgets
  • Bags
  • Coffee/Tea/Snacks

From this wide selection of products, you are sure to bring to life whatever new hire gift box ideas your team might come up with. 

What Makes Swag Bar The #1 Choice For New Hire Gift Bag Ideas?

We’re the #1 choice for swag packs online. Not just for your new employees, but also for employee gift boxes that are ideal for those who have been around for years. 

Our years spent in the corporate gifting industry have given us sufficient knowledge of what various corporations need and we have evolved with the times. But what really makes Swag Bar the best is the combination of all the helpful features we know our clients love. 

Read on and find out what these are! 

Simple Swag Ordering Process

Our ordering process is pretty straightforward, we made sure to simplify everything so that you won’t have a hard time at all. 

  •  Pick your pack (or create your own)-Sort through our preset packs or choose to create your own!
  • Describe your design vision–Our dedicated design team will get to work on a one-of-a-kind theme for your brand.
  • Provide feedback and iterate–Our design team will work with you to make sure your design is spot on.
  • You approve–Once approved, you’ll be placed into the production queue upon payment.
  • Ready to ship in 15-30 days–Sit back and relax, we’ll handle the rest!

Incredible Selection Of Gift Ideas

All throughout this article, we have constantly given you a glimpse into the selection of products that we have. And we do cover almost everything. From apparel and gadgets, down to even the most random stuff– we sure have thought of everything that you can possibly want to give as a welcome gift to your new hires as well as your old-timers.

Quality Products That Your New Hires Will Love

We at Swag Bar take pride in our vetted products. We choose the best and most premium quality stuff so you have only the best to choose from. You can put your money on that. 

Final Thoughts On The Best New Hire Gift Ideas

We cannot stress enough on this but we’ll try. At Swag Bar, you can bring your most avant-garde new hire gift ideas to life. We all know what corporate gifting can do for your company/brand. To do it right, you might need help from the best in the business. 

Swag Bar has everything you can ever need, and want. So, do you want to make a good impression on your new hires?