How to Create a Gift Box for Employees, Clients, or Potential Customers

How to Create a Gift Box for Employees, Clients, or Potential Customers

How to Create a Gift Box for Employees, Clients, or Potential Customers

Sharing corporate gift boxes is a gesture that clients, potential customers, and employees appreciate. It helps your business to gain more loyal customers and retain employees and also serves as a marketing strategy to convert prospects in your sales funnel. 

Now, creating a corporate gift box for your employees, clients, or prospects can either be exciting or frustrating. It is usually a fun thing to do when you know which sort of gifts fit into the box. However, without prior experience, things can go south quickly because you may have a hard time selecting the items that belong in the gift box.

Sometimes, even when you have the best company swag ideas, there may be a hitch while executing them. You may have a hard time shopping for your preferred items or boxing them to look presentable. 

If you fall in the latter groups, don’t fret because like we stated earlier, curating a corporate gift box can equally be fun. Fortunately, we are here to make you a pro in curating good gifts for employees, clients, and prospects in your business for any occasion.

Learn how to create your own gift box online by following our comprehensive guide. 

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Can You Really Design Your Own Gift Box Online?

Absolutely! Companies like ours allow you to build your own gift box easily from any location. You can do everything online, from selecting items for the gift box to packaging them. Most times, the only thing you need to do is to choose the gifts you want in the box from our store. 

Our company takes the gifts, customizes and packages them for a reasonable price. Since the items are usually from our store, we charge one fee per pack for the gifts and packaging. You don't have to pay separately for each process. 

You may also choose a pre-curated gift box that matches your intent from the store. That shaves off the time that you might have spent selecting the items for the gift box. Pre-curated gift boxes usually help in promotional budgeting. You can choose the box that best fits the company's budget without doing any serious calculations. 

After you, gift companies are probably the best people to use their opinion when it comes to creating a gift box. With their years of experience, they can help you with pre-curated boxes for different occasions, from swag giveaway ideas and intern gifts to school swag ideas and other creative packages. 

The bottom line is that the whole process of shopping and packaging your own gift box can happen online. You can order and have them delivered just like you purchase regular items from online stores.

Why Learn How to Create Your Own Gift Box?

The result of curating your gift boxes is usually a pack of thoughtfully selected items that match your intent. Most times, you are the best person to pick out the gifts that belong in the gift box of your employees, clients, and prospects. You don't have to leave it to the marketing team, HR, or the gift company to select the items. You can also join in and add some stuff to the list for proper representation of your business.

Knowing how to make your own gift box is a non-technical skill that has many perks. Some of them are;

Strengthen Relationships With Key Partners in Your Business

Curating a premium branded gift box and presenting it to your associates is one way to foster a beneficial relationship with them. It signifies that you see and appreciate their time and resources investments in the business. That encourages them to do more to support the business in the future. 

Increase Employee Morale

One of the major reasons to give employees gifts in your company is to boost their morale. Gifting your employees is a way of applauding their contribution to the business. It makes them feel appreciated, relevant, recognized, and valued. That will help you retain your employees and also push them to work harder and more passionately to grow the business.

A Unique Form of Promotion

If you know what swag means in marketing, you would stop seeing them as an unnecessary expense. Corporate gifting is a sure way to market your business to existing and potential customers. Since items included in the promotion box are branded everyday-use items, they will keep your brand in plain sight and also in the mind of anyone who sees them. Promotional gift boxes are usually the least expensive of all the other corporate gifts but they yield the highest ROI for the business.

Now that you know why it is beneficial to design your own gift box, let's see the factors to consider when building them in the next section.

What to Consider When Looking to Build Your Own Gift Box

Creating a gift box is not a mere random selection of anything and everything you deem fit. It is a package tailored to meet a particular goal or suit an occasion. To curate a gift box that matches your intention, you should consider the factors below;

The Intended Recipient(s)

More than sharing free stuff, curating the right gift box is crucial to drawing the intended reactions from the recipients. Are the gifts targeted at promotion, celebration, appreciation, or something else? 

The question above will play a role in determining which items should make the list and the ones to exclude. For instance, it is unsuitable to present a giveaway gift box to key partners in your business. They are a group of people holding the business together and as such, deserve premium gifts. Giving such people general gifts may seem passive and not designed with much thought. 

Are you curating gift boxes for clients, gift boxes for employees, or promotional gift boxes? Swag Bar knows just the right items to include in each package. Visit our site now to engage our expertise.

The End Goal of Your Gift Box

Setting and achieving a target with your gift box is a brilliant way of maximizing the gesture. On the surface, corporate gifts look like "freebies from a nice brand" but if you build the package intentionally, they can also be powerful marketing tools. 

When building a gift box, it is crucial to consider why you are incurring that extra expense. Is it to boost the morale of your employees? Is it to create brand awareness? Is it to improve conversion in your sales funnel?

If your gift box is meant to market the brand, it would consist of everyday-use items like journals, water bottles, backpacks, pens, sticky notes, and others. Those are examples of items that can travel far and wide while carrying the brand name with them. 

The Budget

Your swag budget plays a crucial role in determining the items to include when creating your gift boxes. You want to make sure that the total cost of curating your gift box does not exceed the amount set for the project. That, of course, means you have to watch what you select, remove and add items until you have the perfect package still within the budgeted amount. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a company is counting your chickens before they are hatched. If you predict increased ROI and eat into your gains to make promotional gift boxes, there is a 50/50 chance that it happens. If things go the other way, you may spend several months making up for the loss. 

That is why we often advise and encourage our clients to stick to their budgets. We also assist them by creating the perfect box that matches the goal while not going beyond the set amount.

How to Create Your Own Gift Box for Your Organization Effortlessly at Swag Bar

In the previous sections, we discussed why it is beneficial to design your own gift box and the factors that should determine how you create your own gift box. Now we will show you how to create a gift box for your employees, clients, and prospects fast and hassle-free with our company. 

Before we dive into that, let's let you in on why our clients are always excited to curate their gift boxes with Swag Bar and why you should do the same.

Why Make Your Own Gift Box at Swag Bar?

At Swag bar, we make it easy to create the perfect swag boxes for any occasion. Our services are flexible such that you can select from our thoughtfully pre-curated gift boxes or build your own gift box with the most preferred items. 

Our clients enjoy;

  • Vetted Premium Products that we also use ourselves.
  • Classic Designs just the way they like it.
  • World-class treatment for any order.

What's more? Using our services is as straightforward as three quick steps. See how to make your own gift box with us below;

Step 1) Choose the Pre-Built Gift Boxes We Have or Build Your Own Gift Box

You can select one of our beautifully curated packages or make your own gift box with items of your choice. Either way, we will be there to guide you in making the best decision.

Step 2) Describe Your Custom Gift Box Vision 

We love when our clients are deliberate about their corporate gift boxes. Tell us what you hope to achieve with the gift box and we will create a theme to match your vision.

Step 3) Kick Back & Relax While We Bring Your Box to Life!

What's left is to actualize your gift box idea. We will work on the info that you have provided and design the coolest package ever. You can always tell us to tweak the outputs until it suits you. Then, we'll produce the quantity you want and have them delivered within 15-30 days.

Smooth & seamless, right? That's what you get when you do business with Swag Bar. And now that you know how to create a gift box for any corporate use, it’s time to get to work!

Final Thoughts on How to Create a Gift Box at Swag Bar

Creating your own gift box for employees, clients, and prospects is simple and effortless with Swag Bar. We put our hearts into curating the best gift boxes that match your goal and cost within your budget. 

You can always count on us for swag boxes for virtual events, intern gift boxes, company gift boxes, swag giveaway boxes, congratulatory gift boxes, new hire welcome kits, promotional gift boxes, and more. 

Now that you know how to design your own gift box, there’s just one thing left to do. Visit our site now to build your own gift box for any occasion.