The Best Conference Swag Ideas of 2022

The Best Conference Swag Ideas of 2022

The Best Conference Swag Ideas of 2022

Handing out promotional merchandise or company merch is a marketing tool that’s been proven to be effective over the years. Whether you are a known and popular brand or an up-and-coming start-up, giving out some marketing swag creates rippling benefits for your brand. 

Every company has different goals. Some want to continue dominating the market and keep as much distance between them and their competitors as possible. Others want to boost their brand from the bottom to the top. Different goals mean different strategies, yes. But in all sorts of strategies, there is always something similar: Identifying opportunities

Opportunities for growth in sales, opportunities to heighten brand recognition, and maybe even opportunities to convert patrons of other competitors. Companies are always on the lookout for all sorts of opportunities. 

Interestingly, one event that offers plenty of opportunities is a conference. Conferences are usually attended by delegates coming from various industries and all walks of life. This makes conferences a great place to circulate some marketing swag and hand out well-thought-out company merchandise. With the volume of people in attendance, you’ll never know whose hands your company swag (bearing your brand logo) would fall into. And in marketing, that’s always a great thing.

Of course, you’ll some awesome conference swag ideas to pull it off. And that’s what we’re gonna impart to you today. Want a little look-see into the best conference swag ideas of 2022? Keep reading! First things first - is it really worth it to bring swag to a conference?

Do You Need to Bring Swag to a Conference?

Oh yes, definitely. You go to a conference to network and market your brand. To do this, you gotta bring swag. Not bringing swag renders going to a conference futile in the first place. It’s like being in court and making an argument that’s not backed up with evidence. 

When you’re at a conference, you want to say, “Hey, I work for this brand, and it is awesome. Want proof? Here’s Exhibit A.” And then you hand out some company merch. Or better yet, just let the company merch do all the talking. You just hand them out. 

See? That’s why you need to bring swag to a conference. Even in virtual conferences, which, given the pandemic, has become a trend. There are plenty of amazing virtual conference swag ideas out there. 

How Conference Swag Ideas Can Make or Break your Success at the Event

Executing well-thought-out conference swag ideas can indeed make you a big hit at an event. Show up with one-of-a-kind marketing merch people have never been given before and you become an instant talk of the event. 

That’s why you must exert the utmost effort in polishing your conference swag ideas before you even think of getting approval from the higher-ups. Polish and ensure great quality and usefulness first before handing them out. There is no way you can convince people you’re a great brand if you are giving out low-quality merch. 

If you need input as to whether your ideas are good enough, ask yourself if what you plan on giving out as company merch is something you would even want to receive. If the answer is yes, then you’re probably on the right track.

The ideas you come up with can truly make or break your success at any and all events. And the same can be said about your virtual conference swag ideas, if we’re talking about virtual conferences. But, what should you keep in mind as you start this journey? Here’s our advice…

What Should You Consider When Searching for the Best Conference Swag Ideas of 2022?

Whether we are talking about in-person or virtual conference swag ideas, the qualities we seek in the products we plan on giving out as marketing swag are the same. For the best conference swag ideas of 2022, check out our suggested criteria below!

Stay Within Budget

Budget is always the fuel that drives any project within the company, including marketing campaigns, under which company swag can be included. When hunting for the best in-person or virtual conference swag ideas for this year, consider the budget allotted. Of course, we put a premium on the quality of products but like we said, budget is the main driver of all plans. 

If the company really is tightening its belt at the moment, then be resourceful and patient in searching for suppliers who can give you quality products at a reasonable cost. Sticking to your swag budget is the #1 priority. This could mean that sometimes, you may have to decrease the number of products you wish to purchase so as not to compromise on the quality. 

Unique Offerings That Stand Out

Be creative and resourceful, think a little outside of the box. Twist some ideas, reconfigure others. Exhaust all your brain cells. Surely you can come up with something really cool and unique. 

Remember, you are handing out company swag to make an impression, and a good one at that. If you keep giving people the same old things they’re used to getting at conferences, you’re not really accomplishing your goal of standing out. Keep in mind that you will generate a rippling word-of-mouth effect if you hand out the kind of products people have never seen at the event before. It doesn’t mean you need to invent a new product, but perhaps you can pick a product that has a twist. For example, notebooks and pens– how can you make notebooks and pens unique again? 

Maybe work around that concept for a while. 

Quality Products That Make a Good First Impression

You want to wow people, show them good quality and in the process, associate your brand to the term “good quality”. So make sure you pick out products that are a cut above the rest. 

Never make the mistake of handing out products that are of low quality. People will have a higher regard for your brand if you show them good quality, even in the smaller areas of marketing, like your company swag. The qualities you exhibit in every area of your branding is how you shape people’s perception of your brand. Make sure you always nail down the quality. 

Pick a Supplier That Helps You Execute the Whole Thing

This is a crucial point in the process of coming up with company swag. This is the DNA that makes up your swag. It is imperative that you pick a good supplier. 

There are a lot of possible suppliers that you can find in the market. Each one will attempt to entice you with different perks. They will highlight what’s good about their services. The decision on who to pick boils down to you at the end of the day. But a key point in deciding which one to hire is really the value they give.

The ones who give the best value are those who understand that premium quality is non-negotiable. Get the best corporate gifting company and you’re already ahead of your competition.

So, What are the Best Conference Swag Ideas of 2022?

If we’re talking about the best conference swag ideas of 2022, you won’t find better options than we offer at Swag Bar! It simply is the place to go to when on the hunt for the most unique and outstanding swag. 

Whether you are looking to give away individual items or gift packs, Swag Bar can help. Here are some ideas you can play around with. Keep in mind that you are free to tweak them according to your own preference.

Keep it Green Eco Swag Pack  

Our Keep it Green Eco Swag Pack would be ideal for conferences organized for the environment. There, you will be rubbing shoulders with the most passionate environmental activists on the planet who would absolutely love the thoughtfulness behind your swag. 

With the top of the line products included in this swag pack, you gain extra points not only for being the company that cares for the environment but also for being the company that gives away awesome free stuff. 

Office Zen Swag Pack  

Everybody loves things that they can use in the office, especially when these things exude good quality. The next time you head out to a conference that will be attended by a myriad of corporate figures, order boxes of our Office Zen Swag packs for a sure success. 

Tech Lover Swag Pack  

The Tech Lover Swag Pack for a tech conference is a no-brainer. It is important to speak the language of your audience and if you are attending a conference dedicated to discussing the latest in science and technology, the Tech Lover Swag pack is the swag you bring!

No Thought Required Swag Pack  

If you have a more general audience, the No Thought Required Swag pack might also be great as it includes products that are also useful and of premium quality– characteristics that make gifts great, too. 

Spring Picnic Swag Pack

Swag Bar’s Spring Picnic Swag pack makes an ideal swag for conferences held around the season. Whether the audience is students, members of the workforce, or high-profile executives– the items included in the Spring Picnic Swag Pack will be highly appreciated. 

And with your logo embossed somewhere, you can be sure of making a great impression among delegates. 


If you are, however, looking into giving away singular items as company swag at a conference, we also have a variety of great individual items you can choose from. Check out some of them below!

Dry Performance UPF 50+ Athletic Hat

Athletic hats are great swag. They can use this during the event and guess what, they will surely take pictures. Imagine if you have your logo right in the front, you have free advertising in each picture that they will be posting on various social media platforms. Pretty clever, eh?

3-Ply Adjustable Cotton-Poly Mask

In a pandemic, Swag Bar’s 3-Play Adjustable Cotton-Poly Mask will show people you care. 

14 oz. Ceramic Campfire Mug

Mugs are one of those products that you often see being given away. But at Swag Bar, no product is ever the same. Check out our ceramic campfire mug, with the design and quality, you will surely make some delegates happy. 

18 oz. S’well Tumbler with Lid

Tumblers are a safe choice for swag, too. But like with our campfire mugs, we go extra when it comes to quality. 

Moleskine Premium Large Leather Notebook

While notebooks are also popular corporate gifts, Swag Bar’s selection of notebooks and journals is simply top-notch. Just like our moleskin leather notebook. You hand these out at a conference and you get delegates who will be talking about your company’s gifts all day long. 

Sustainable Bamboo Pens (2 pack)

Pens are ordinary, sustainable bamboo pens? Sounds a tad new. And though simple, they will come useful at a conference, something that the delegates will be remembering your brand about. 

Webcam Light Ring

At times like this, a webcam light ring is a useful and most sought out product. Imagine how much of a hit you’d be should you give these away a conference.

Bamboo Wireless Charger w/ Dual USB Ports

Wireless chargers are tools of the trade, and it would be safe to say ALL trades in this era. So it would be a really great idea if you consider Swag Bar’s Bamboo wireless charger with dual USB ports when choosing your company swag next time. 

Mini Desk Basketball Game

Looking for something fun to give away as swag? Our mini desk basketball game might be a fun giveaway in any conference. 

Gourmet Tea Variety Box (5 pyramid infusers)

They always say that if you don’t like tea, then you’re not British enough. That’s just a joke, but there is nothing that says “we care” more than a box of tea. Thoughtful, healthy, delightful– and with your brand logo on top, free marketing, too! 

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks

Seriously now, who hates chocolate? We understand diabetics but everyone else will surely love a gift of chocolate-covered gourmet pretzels. Pick this for your next conference swag and keep those delegates alert with sugar, who knows, that just might help with brand recognition, too!

Need Help Executing Your Conference Swag Strategy?

At Swag Bar, we offer a wide array of high-quality swag boxes that will help you stand out and make an impression with the people who matter most to your business. We can guide you through the entire process and help ensure you execute your swag strategy to perfection. 

Explore our selection of promotional gift baskets and bring your vision to life. Or, if the event is on Zoom this year, check out our virtual conference swag bags. No matter what you’re looking to do, we’re the best swag supplier for the job - find out why for yourself. You’ll be glad you trusted the experts at Swag Bar!

Final Thoughts On The Best Conference Swag Ideas of 2022

Conferences are avenues for companies to implement some marketing strategies and meet some of their marketing goals. 

To succeed in all that, you must come prepared. Bring with you the most phenomenal conference swag you can possibly come up with. And should you need help from the best swag supplier, you need only to reach out to us. 

Start making your preparations for the next conference on your marketing calendar as early as you can and you’re going to be a sure hit. The first step? Contact Swag Bar today!