How to Show Employee Appreciation: Best Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

How to Show Employee Appreciation: Best Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

How to Show Employee Appreciation: Best Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Want to know how to show employee appreciation? We’ll provide key tips to show employee appreciation to boost productivity and morale!

Employee appreciation is a vital part of every company that is often overlooked. It can be just the nudge your employees need to enhance efficiency and strengthen the company’s work culture. And, it can improve employee retention.

There are many ways to show employee appreciation, from a handwritten note to a promotion, but maybe you’re struggling to pick the right approach. 

That’s why our article goes over the importance of employee appreciation, the best ways to show it in-person and virtually, and why Swag Bar’s swag boxes are the perfect fit - so your employees will be recognized and feel appreciated at the end of the day! 

What is Employee Appreciation and Why is it Important?

Employee appreciation should be a primary focus of any organization. It can be the morale booster your company needs to improve employee productivity and motivation. Find out more about why employee appreciation is essential below:

Defining Employee Appreciation

Employee appreciation is crucial whether you’re onboarding new employees or rewarding longtime ones. 

It is the recognition or acknowledgment of an employee’s time, accomplishments, efforts, and contributions placed into an organization. There are many reasons to give employees gifts, like birthdays or celebrations. 

However, presenting a gift for employee appreciation is one of many ways to express gratitude and acknowledge their hard work. 

The Impact of Employee Appreciation on Business Performance

So, why is employee appreciation important? The most significant reason is the impact it has on morale!

Acknowledging someone’s efforts is a productive way to boost the morale and motivation of all employees, not solely the one receiving the gift. This action can instigate a rise in productivity and incentive in employees. Most importantly, it ensures that your employees are recognized for the effort, time, and energy put into the company. 

Gifts to employees are tax deductible if you didn’t know, so spend away! 

How to Show Employee Appreciation: The Best Ways to Show Employee Appreciation In-Person and Virtually

You must follow these tips on how to show employee appreciation virtually and in person. These best methods can drastically improve your company's overall work culture, productivity, and morale. Check them out below! 

Start With Genuine Verbal and Written Praise

Small acts can go a long way, especially with acts like showing your appreciation. 

Day-to-day life can get tense, stressful, and harried without work being added into the mix. Sometimes people need the tiniest positive actions to turn their day around. Adding verbal and written praise into the work routine promotes a culture of appreciation, which can be the positive and encouraging touch your employees and company need for better productivity and mindset. 

Create a Recognition Program

A recognition program is a system where employee achievements and actions are recognized within the organization. A platform is often shared with internal employees where points are redeemable for each recognition achieved. 

The four basic types of recognition are promotional, private, public, and monetary rewards. This can be seen as end-of-year bonuses, celebrating employee work anniversaries, handwritten thank you notes, and giving President’s Club awards. 

Check out these ideas for the best gifts for your employees if you’re considering incorporating a recognition program!

Invest in Learning and Development

All businesses should invest in learning and development to better mold future leadership in the company to align with its values and needs. 

The act of investing in oneself and one’s company manages to attract top-tier talent, drawing in high performers and ambitious future employees. It can work as a tool to demote job dissatisfaction and instead promote engagement and productivity in the company. This action can encourage employee retention to avoid a domino effect in the company in employee turnover. 

Celebrate Milestones and Achievements

Celebrating milestones and achievements, whether employee gift boxes or work parties, can promote excitement, encouragement, and motivation in the workplace. 

This is another vital way to incorporate employee appreciation to recognize their efforts and success. Promoting this in the workspace encourages a positive company culture and career advancement. 

Offer Flexible Working Hours or Remote Working

To offer flexible working hours or remote working is to demonstrate trust in your employees. It can also make your employees’ lives easier to work from the comfort of their homes, save on gas, etc. 

This method of employee appreciation allows your employees to tailor their jobs to their schedules effectively and productively in a way that they may not be able to do in an in-office workspace. 

Provide Opportunities for Employee Input

Incorporating opportunities for employee input exemplifies that their contributions and their voice matter. It is a recognition of their value and opinion on matters relating to the workspace. 

Morale is improved upon through efforts to seek and act on employee input. Employees have valuable, creative, and innovative ideas that should be heard and valued to better the company. Doing so is a great way to enhance productivity, safety, customer service, and quality in the working environment. 

Ensure Well-Being and Mental Health Support

Leaders in the company should be able to have open and vulnerable conversations with their employees to ensure the well-being of their workers. Providing mental health support to staff is vital to a healthy and smooth-running workplace. 

Here are some helpful tips to ensure the well-being of your employees:

  • Host regular one-on-ones
  • Create a culture of mental health awareness
  • Set reasonable workloads
  • Establish a safe and welcoming work environment
  • Provide local support resources
  • Supply quality benefits and policies

Creative Ways to Show Employee Appreciation in a Virtual Setting

There are many innovative and creative ways to show employee appreciation virtually and in the office. 

Many company managers and leaders have had to take the time and effort to incorporate employee appreciation better virtually once the COVID pandemic hit. Unfortunately, not all of them succeeded in adjusting to the new work setting, resulting in a lackadaisical work culture, slowed work productivity, and poor morale. 

Follow these tips to learn how to show employee appreciation virtually:

  • Throw a virtual awards ceremony
  • Schedule a virtual team lunch
  • Prioritize peer-to-peer recognition
  • Write and send a personalized thank-you message
  • Send an employee appreciation gift

Host Employee Appreciation Events

An excellent way to show appreciation to employees is to host an event like a pizza party, donation drive, or employee lunch. These activities encourage a happy and positive work environment, recognizing the hard work they put into the company. 

Consider these employee appreciation event ideas:

  • Give employees a day off from work
  • Hand out gift cards
  • Host a volunteer or donation drives
  • Incorporate a recognition program
  • Offer a mentorship program
  • Organize an employee lunch
  • Schedule a pizza party 

Provide Additional Perks and Benefits

Every company should provide additional perks and benefits to their employees to improve morale, encourage productivity, and show appreciation for their staff. 

Creating a great employee experience is essential to employee retention, productivity, and happiness in the workspace. These perks and benefits should matter to your employees, giving them incentives to show up and get work done!

Some examples of company benefits to consider incorporating:

  • Paid time off
  • Student loan assistance
  • Bonuses
  • Family leave
  • Career development

Using Swag Boxes to Show Appreciation as a Physical Token of Your Gratitude

One of the top ways to show appreciation to your employees is by handing out custom swag boxes. Swag boxes mean you’re handing out promotional products with the company logo, slogan, name, or all of the above if you don’t know the origination of swag or the swag meaning in business. A physical token of appreciation can be just what your employees need to feel recognized for their efforts in the company. 

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Final Thoughts on How to Show Employee Appreciation

Our article reviewed the best ways and ideas to show employee appreciation to increase workplace productivity, morale, and positivity. 

There are many ways to show employee appreciation, but the most versatile is Swag Bar’s awesome swag boxes which range from a new hire welcome kit, client gift boxes, company gift boxes, branded gift baskets, and virtual event gift boxes. The diverse selections make it easy to pick out a gift for a quick and effective customizable gift as a token of gratitude. 

Show your employees some much-needed appreciation with Swag Bar’s swag boxes for the ultimate morale and productivity booster!