Preparing your Upcoming Trade-show or Market

Preparing your Upcoming Trade-show or Market

Preparing your Upcoming Trade-show or Market

Whether you’re preparing for a conference to reel in new clients or gearing up for a tradeshow, going to market can feel like an intimidating task (ESPECIALLY if it’s your team’s first time up to bat).

If the thought of getting started on your to-do list makes you want to go hyperventilate in the break room (been there), then we have some blood-pressure-lowering news for you! The Swag Bar team has compiled a tried-and-true list of the most successful ways to prepare for market based on our research, and most importantly, our multiple years of real life experience. And the best part? We’ve narrowed it down to 4 easy steps that’ll take you from feeling overwhelmed to over-prepared as you close in on your set-up date!


If you stick to our checklist, your team will be accumulating new clients faster than grown adults viciously collecting Beanie Babies in the mid 1990’s. Honestly, what was up with that? Anyway, we digress. 


Step 1: Brainstorm

The first task after securing your space is to decide how you want people to feel after leaving your booth, or even as they’re just passing by. Do they have a complimentary item in their hand? Have they left their email address at your booth? Are they holding a business card that stands out amongst the rest? Cohesion amongst your brand, from the environment of your booth to the website clicks afterward, are going to play a huge part in the driving force for closing the deal. 


So basically, don’t  just cross your fingers and hope that your brand made a lasting impression. Make it impossible to forget.


Step 2: Budget. 

Of course, prior to ordering any items, it’s crucial to decide on a budget. Remember, if you don’t take the time to manage your money, it’s going to manage you. A budget should encompass travel for those working the booth, employee pay for each day, shipping and travel costs for merchandise, along with any items needed to bring your booth to life.


Once you’ve crunched the numbers and decided on a budget that works best for you, it’s time to visually get the party started! In our (correct) opinion, curtating the aesthetic and environment of your booth is the most exciting part of the process. (If crunching numbers was your favorite part, we respect that, but you scare us.) It is absolutely key to keep your brand’s voice, vision, and mission at the forefront of your mind when planning out every single square inch of your booth. How do you take what’s in print or online, and turn it into an in-person experience for your future clients? How can you create multiple touch points for your brand in one 30-second encounter? If ever you question your purchasing for an event, always come back to these questions.


Step 3: Purchasing. 

Now that you’ve locked down a budget and impeccably branded your booth, it’s time to begin planning out the space. Important items to consider are signage, tables, merchandise displays, chairs for your employees (Market days are L O N G), an email capture system, and of course, your big selling point. 



“The Rule of 7” is a marketing theory employing the idea that a potential client or customer should see a brand seven times in order to be fully warmed up to their product or service. Swag Bar’s specialty is bringing these important brand touch points to life in one easy order! Choose from one of our 9 pre-made Swag Boxes, or personally curate each item yourself with just a few clicks of a mouse. These customized boxes can be gifted to a client who commits to your services while in your booth, to existing clients who show brand loyalty, or as a “Thank You” to celebrate the hard work of your company’s team members. Whoever you decide to give your Swag Boxes to, one thing is for certain; Your elevator pitch and brand experience just majorly leveled up.


Step 4: Set Up.

Now that you’ve created and stuck to a budget, completed your purchasing process, successfully transported your items, thoughtfully branded your booth, and given a PEP talk to your team, it’s time to see it all come together. If you’ve taken the time to successfully complete each step, anyone walking past your booth should instantly become a warm lead just from the deliberate brand experience you’ve created. Not everyone you speak to will become a paying customer, but they will be heavily acquainted with you and your brand, which is pivotal for creating warm leads in the future.


So, what steps are you going to take to make your brand unforgettable at your next event?