Swag Giveaway Ideas

Swag Giveaway Ideas

Looking for some great new swag giveaway ideas? You’ve come to the right place. Giving branded marketing gifts is a fun way to increase your audience and engage your customers.

Whether you’re offering gifts to attendees at events like conferences or conventions or mailing branded items to customers once they’re already home, swag is a unique way to increase sales and customer awareness.

But how do you find the right idea? It’s hard to find quality gifts that customers actually want. Give the wrong gift, and you’ll not only blow your entire budget on marketing, manufacturing, and shipping these products, but you'll also fail to make an impact and boost customer engagement. 

We're going to cover some of the best creative swag gifting options to help you make a serious impact. Ready to dive in? Let's start by discussing when to give your swag ideas in the first place.

When to Give Promotional Products

Before you start looking for ideas, it’s important to understand when these sorts of giveaways are actually useful.

While you might be tempted to throw a giveaway at every single event your company holds, this will undoubtedly end up costing your company tons of money without making the kind of impact you actually want.

Instead, consider handing out branded giveaways at these sorts of events. 

Making a First Impression

Swag can help you make a solid first impression, whether you’re trying to attract people to a booth at a convention or sending a virtual gift by way of the web - such as to welcome remote employees to your company.

Using swag to make a first impression can help you open up new opportunities and audiences that may not have been possible.

You can use branded marketing to build excitement before an event or product launch and to help an audience learn more about your brand. 

Getting People Involved

A common mistake that so many companies make when handing out giveaways is assuming that the giveaway itself will be enough to get people to buy or engage with the product or brand.

That’s not the case. 

It’s not enough to just give, give, give - you also need to make sure your bag helps to get people involved. 

Bigger isn’t always better, and flashy, expensive giveaways will not only shatter your budget but will also be a huge swing and a miss when it comes to the ideal messaging for your audience. 

Try connecting your swag to your social media presence, inviting the recipients to check back for promo codes, discount alerts, and chances to win prizes.

Have them take pictures with the swag. Provide ways for them to get engaged with what you’re giving them rather than just showering them with random tee shirts and pencils with your brand name pasted on them.  

A Friendly Follow-Up

Swag doesn’t have to be used just before or during an event. You can also use free merchandise as people leave.

Send follow-up giveaways as the finishing touch to an event, encouraging participants to get involved with your brand while also expressing gratitude that they took the time to do so. 

Swag as a follow-up gift is a great way to say, “Hey, thanks for being here! We’re glad you found us and hope you stick around.”

Top 10 Swag Giveaway Ideas In 2021

Looking for giveaway ideas that are not only fun - but effective? Here are some branded marketing ideas that you can use to attract attendees and customers, no matter your budget or style. 

Whether you're looking to reward remote employees or hype up an event, these are all great options to consider.

1. Low Minimum Swag Pack 

Buying gifts that your customers will actually want is one thing - being able to do so without investing thousands of dollars is another entirely.

This bundle option by Swagbar allows you to buy as few as 25 packs so you don’t have to invest in a ton of products in order to please the crowd. You’ll get items like ebony wood sunglasses, an unstructured “dad” hat, a bistro coffee mug and water bottle, and more.

2. Tech Lover Swag Pack 

Tech tends to be at the top of the list when it comes to bags that people actually want. That makes sense when you realize that tech has more or less taken over our entire lives! 

The Tech Lover Swag Pack by Swagbar has everything you need to please a tech-focused audience. From a phone stand to a single-port wall charger (and even a chic laser-engraved webcam cover), this bundle has everything you need to get conversions. 

3. Born in the USA Swag Pack 

For a taste of Americana, you’ve got to try this Born in the USA Swag Pack. It includes products solely from American small businesses, such as a USA-made cotton tee shirt and die-cut magnet pack.

4. The Keep it Green Eco Swag Pack 

It ain’t easy being green - but this Keep it Green Eco Swag Pack makes it easy to hook your customers.

Every item in this kit, from 16 oz. tumbler to the custom wool hiking socks is made out of recycled or sustainable materials. It’s a package you can feel good about!

5. Office Zen Swag Pack 

When you’re catering to corporate clients, sometimes it’s best to keep things all business - even with your fun swag.

Consider some office upgrades as you’ll find in the Office Zen Swag Pack, which includes must-have items like notebooks, pens, and magnets - along with more jovial gear like a haworthia coarctata planter. 

6. Summertime Swag Pack 

Nothing says relaxation like this summertime swag pack from Swagbar, which includes the following items:

  • Wooden bottle opener
  • Drink koozie
  • Travel wine tumbler
  • Medium weight beach towel
  • Sunscreen on carabiner
  • Light-up wireless speaker
  • Sunglasses 

7. Child of the 80s-90s Nostalgia Pack

This might not be the ideal gift idea if your audience consists primarily of Gen Z or boomers - but for millennials, you’re sure to hit a home run.

The Child of the '80s-'90s Nostalgia Pack includes things like a fanny pack, rubber money pouch, and slap bracelet - you’ll have every single customer thinking back fondly to his childhood!

8. “I Need This ASAP!” Swag Pack 

This swag pack is a great option if you’re in a panic and need that box of gifts ASAP - Swagbar offers a 14 day turnaround time with The "I Need This ASAP!" Swag Pack.

It includes items like a campfire ceramic mug, metal soft-touch pens, a rubberized power bank, a stone coaster, a tee-shirt, and more. Of course, all of these items can be customized to meet your brand’s style. 

9. The “No Thought Required” Swag Pack 

Don’t have time to think deeply about the swag you’re buying? We've been there.

This zero-effort pack includes popular items like a campfire mug and metal soft-touch pens - it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 

10. Create Your Own Swag Pack 

Still can’t decide on the right kits or gifts for your event or sales? If so, you may want to consider Swagbar’s custom Create Your Own Swag Pack.

Premade kits aren’t the right choice for everyone - so whether you’re aiming to stay within a specific budget or you already have certain items you want to give in mind, you'll want to consider building a custom kit. 

You can add anything from apparel to accessories, tech, and other miscellaneous products, all with free designer access!

How to Choose the Ideal Swag Giveaway

Whether you’re giving swag gifts to an in-person or online audience, a promo is an excellent way to increase your marketing success. 

Not sure how to find the right gift? It’s simple - head on over to SwagBar. Here, you can pick your pack with ten different preset gift bundles to choose from.

You can even create your own if you don’t find a box that meets your specific needs! Describe your vision and relax - Swagbar will handle the rest. 

With free agency-quality design and quality white-glove service, this company will make sure that your vision meets reality - without all the decisions overwhelm!