Most Unique Swag Ideas Of 2021

Most Unique Swag Ideas Of 2021

You were put in charge of picking out gift pack ideas, and you’re not feeling your most inspired today - but don’t stress, we’ve done the heavy lifting and put together our list of the most unique swag ideas of 2021!

We’ve got a swag pack for everyone on this list, and you’re sure to see one that catches your eye and meets your needs. 

And if not? We even have one that allows you to build your own, presenting you with the top items you can include in your pack! Let’s not waste any time.

What Exactly Is Swag?

If you are looking to pick out some swag packs, you first need to understand what people mean when they throw this term around.

This is a pretty loosely defined category - it can really be anything you want it to be. It’s technically an acronym for “stuff we all get”, as it’s typically given out at events, at work, etc.

Typically, you’ll brand your items with your own logo or design - helping promote whatever event you’re putting on, or company you work for.

Why Is It So Tough To Come Up With Unique Swag Ideas?

Coming up with your own unique swag ideas is not an easy task - but it’s not your fault. Even the most creative minds struggle here.

That’s because people tend to associate swag with low quality stuff you never really end up using - such as cheap t-shirts or hats, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc. 

We’re changing the game here at Swag Bar - the unique swag options we’re going to present you with are going to actually get the recipients excited.

It’s time we redefined what swag even is, and craft baskets or boxes filled with a combination of unique and practical items. So without further ado, let’s get into our list.

What Are The Most Unique Swag Ideas Of 2021?

We want to mention before going into our list of the most unique swag ideas of the year - and that is that most bundles do have minimum order quantities.

These will range anywhere from 25 packs to 100 packs, but the more you order, the lower pricing you’ll attain. Now - let’s start with a pack for the patriots out there.

Born In The USA Swag Pack

As you can imagine, our Born In The USA Swag Pack is perfect for those who love this country. It’s filled with products sporting our flags characteristics, such as red, white, and blue colors with stars throughout.

The coolest part about this pack is that you get to actually support American-made small businesses, too! Everything is sourced right here at home. Some of the products include a T-shirt, hat, socks, tumbler, and more, all USA themed.

Keep It Green Eco-Friendly Swag Pack

You may live in the US, but in a broader sense, your home is planet earth - and our Keep It Green Eco-Friendly swag pack was designed with the intention of preserving and taking care of our planet.

This pack draws on earthy colors, but also contains only products made from sustainable or recycled materials. 

You won’t just feel good about choosing this bundle, though, because your recipients are actually going to love the goodies in it. 

The basics - like shirts, socks, and tumblers are included. But super unique products like wheat straw mugs, bamboo pens and coasters, and other recycled materials and products all round this pack out.

Office Zen Swag Pack

If you’re looking to provide a unique productivity boost to your workforce, the Office Zen pack is the perfect choice.

Packed with products any office needs to stay on top of their work and show some office pride, this bundle is as practical as it is unique.

You’ll get products that can make an office or desk feel more like home - including a planter, pendants, magnets, and coasters. But you also get the office essentials like pens, water bottles, and notebooks. 

Tech Lover Swag Pack

You could make the case that in 2021, no swag pack is really complete without some sort of technology - which is why the Tech Lover swag pack is so unique!

It's potentially the most practical swag idea on this list, pulling together trendy tech products like phone stands, blue light blocking glasses, power banks, wireless speakers, key finders, webcam covers, chargers, and more.

Summertime Swag Pack

When the days start to get longer, our Summertime Swag pack will help your recipients make the most of the warmer weather!

These are perfect if you’re going for an outdoors, adventurous vibe, with products to fit the beach, camping, park - anywhere outside.

For example, you’ll get a towel, wine tumbler and koozie to keep your drinks cool, bottle openers, wireless speaker, sunscreen, and some sunglasses!

Child of the 80s-90s Nostalgia Swag Pack

Whether your recipients were born in these eras or just appreciate the unique style they’ve come to be known for - the Child of the 80s-90s Nostalgia Swag Pack is a super unique swag idea!

It draws on vibrant colors and product styles that compliment the 80s and 90s, like vintage tees, calf length ribbed socks, fanny packs, a mini basketball game, diner-style coffee mugs, and more.

"I Need This ASAP!" Swag Pack

Don’t have time to wait a month for your order? The “I Need This ASAP” swag pack is the ideal candidate for those who waited too long or got late notice on this task.

With turnaround times as quick as 14 days, these will help you meet your deadline and keep the boss happy. 

Like all the swag ideas on this list, this pack consists of practical, unique products like shirts, power banks, pens, mugs, and coasters.

Create Your Own Swag Pack

We’ve shared a lot of really cool swag options - but maybe you haven’t seen one that quite fits your style or vision.

If you have a specific idea in mind for your swag pack, you can easily create your own by choosing products from the main categories that swag packs consist of  - apparel, tech, office supplies, food & drinkware, and other miscellaneous products. Of course, these will be branded and designed to your specifications.