Swag Bag Ideas for Business Gifting: Employees, Clients, Vendors, and More!

Swag Bag Ideas for Business Gifting: Employees, Clients, Vendors, and More!

Swag Bag Ideas for Business Gifting: Employees, Clients, Vendors, and More!

Swag bags are a fantastic way to show appreciation for the people that matter most to your business. Thoughtful swag boxes make up some of the best gifts for your employees, vendors, and customers, allowing you to gift a bundle of items with something to appeal to everyone inside.

If you’re looking for memorable business swag bag ideas, our guide will explain everything you need to know.

Before we dive into some excellent swag bag ideas that are perfect choices for employee giveaways or client gift boxes, let’s begin with why you should consider swag bags in the first place.

Why Implement Swag Bag Ideas for Business?

Swag bags are an amazing tool for creating long-lasting relationships with new or prospective clients and vendors, helping companies maintain a mutual appreciation for one another.

Employee gift boxes are an excellent choice to boost productivity and morale, as they serve as a recognition of the contributions and hard work put in by employees. Many business swag ideas also contain everyday items that are useful around the workplace, like USB drives, notepads, and mugs.

Companies can even use these swag bag ideas for business conferences and events held exclusively online, as virtual event gift boxes provide a novel way for companies to show appreciation without needing to meet in person.

The possibilities are nearly endless for businesses to step up their corporate gifting game, and swag bags and gift boxes offer a unique connection that will bolster business relationships. With so many benefits to swag bags, let’s switch gears and turn our attention to helping your business determine where to order company swag from.

What to Consider When Searching for Business Swag Bag Ideas

Finding the best corporate gifting company to order from involves a bit of research, as there are many factors to remember when shopping. 

From figuring out the boundaries of your promotional budget to finding a supplier that provides high-quality products with a speedy turnaround time, you will want to ensure you check off all the boxes before placing an order.

When browsing for company swag ideas, you’ll want to consider your audience, so let’s start our discussion there.

Who is the Swag Bag For?

Corporate gift box ideas will vary compared to school swag ideas, so evaluating your recipients is essential. Swag boxes can be tailored to your intended audience, as you can opt for specific themes like technology, apparel, or bags.

You will want to ensure you cover all of your bases when shopping for swag bag ideas for businesses, so choose a selection that will contain something for everyone, no matter their personal preferences.


If you’re searching for business swag bag ideas, you’ll want to keep track of your promotional budget. Working with a supplier offering bulk order pricing can help you save money while sourcing various swag items.

Ordering individual items can quickly add up beyond your budget limitations, as you would need to find suppliers for each product, like backpacks, mugs, and t-shirts, so an all-in-one vendor can help eliminate the excess costs and save money for your swag budget.


Whether you are looking for the best trade show swag ideas or you’re giving away everyday items to employees, incorporating your brand’s logo or a slogan can be an innovative way to promote your brand. 

Branded gift baskets make up some of the best conference swag out there since companies can add their logo or a marketing message to the swag to enhance brand recognition and loyalty.

Since everyday items like t-shirts, mugs, and writing utensils are used outside of work settings, brand recognition can quickly spread like wildfire.

Finding a swag vendor that can incorporate the promotional logos or messages your marketing department desires to make the most of the opportunity is essential.


What’s the point of investing time and money in company gift boxes full of swag only to have the items thrown away or hidden in a drawer because they aren’t useful? The swag you give away should include common items that recipients regularly use, like stylish t-shirts or jackets, writing utensils, and mugs.

You can get more creative with the right supplier, offering items that come in handy in a pinch, like sunscreen, drink coasters, USB chargers, and fleece blankets. Recipients will remember the generosity of your business when they can use their gifted swag to solve a problem or enjoy a nice moment.


The last thing you want when gifting a swag box is for the items inside to fall apart at the first sign of resistance or otherwise not work as intended. Poor-quality items can quickly turn a thoughtful gift into an insult from the recipients' standpoint, so you’ll want to choose a supplier that won’t cut corners.

This is especially important when buying swag in bulk, as low-quality items gifted to hundreds of clients or employees can lead to your business needing to smooth things over with the same number of people. Conversely, a premium quality product increases the thoughtfulness of your gift and further increases the goodwill your company has with the recipients.

Turnaround Time

Waiting for orders to come in can put a damper on an exciting new promotional strategy like swag boxes, so you will want to find a supplier that goes above and beyond to guarantee speedy turnaround times. Ordering swag in bulk shouldn’t mean you wait months to get your order in.

With swag bags being a fantastic idea for conferences, trade shows, and employee appreciation days, it is vital that your chosen vendor can deliver your swag boxes in time for major deadlines, with enough room to spare if any changes are necessary. 


Swag boxes can be sustainable and eco-friendly, but only some swag suppliers out there correctly focus on those critical factors.

With swag boxes comprising multiple items and your gift list potentially climbing into the thousands, you’ll want to ensure your supplier isn’t producing items that pollute the environment.

Choosing a swag supplier that focuses on sustainability will serve as an extra layer of value to your recipients, and there are plenty of items to throw into swag boxes that live up to the task. Many swag items can be made with recyclable materials, and you can even include water bottles or tumblers that help reduce the use of plastic.

There are many factors to verify if you’re looking for business swag bag ideas, but finding the right supplier is worth the research. Now let’s move on to some of our favorite swag bag ideas for businesses in 2023.

Introducing the Top Swag Bag Ideas for Business Gifting in 2023

You might already be brainstorming thoughtful and memorable swag bag ideas after our look at all the factors that make up a great box, and we’re here to provide more inspiration for you. There’s something for every type of audience, but we always recommend creating your own swag bags if you want to mix-and-match for a fully tailored experience for your recipients.

Born In the USA Swag Pack

We think swag packs are as American as apple pie… at least when made in the USA. 

This swag pack features a USA-made cotton t-shirt that can be customized with a brand logo or slogan and super stylish ankle socks that help your recipients show off the stars and stripes. The dad hat in this pack can also be personalized and is the perfect accessory for a company picnic or summer baseball game.

Even the crinkle filling in the pack features the red, white, and blue, and you can always reuse it as party decor for an office barbeque.

Office Zen Swag Pack

Meditation audio playlists and deep breathing techniques are great, but sometimes a little swag goes a long way to maintain a sense of calm in the office.

This Office Zen pack features a Haworthia planter that can survive even in the dim lights of an indoor office, serving as a grounding presence amidst cluttered desks and full email inboxes. We also love the soft touch metal pens that feel like writing on air, and the hardback notebook is perfect for stress-relieving doodling or note-taking.

There’s also a 17-ounce bottle that can be filled with tea, water, or coffee, all of which are excellent choices to keep employees focused on the tasks ahead of them.

Child of the 80s-90s Nostalgia Pack

An extra serving of fun can do wonders for an office, and this pack has an excellent blend of swag that is perfect on or off the clock.

The mini-basketball game will be a hit around the office, and we often find ourselves in a constantly evolving competition to surpass each other’s scores. There’s also a deck of playing cards that can be customized with your brand’s logo and is the perfect lunch-break activity.

The maze pen inside is a fabulous way to pass the time and cause a breakthrough during a brainstorming session, and who could go wrong with a rubber money pouch?

Sock Swag Pack

Hosting a crazy sock day? Why not a crazy sock week?

This sock swag pack comes with three customizable socks that can get the party started, with eye-catching designs and comfortable materials that will leave your recipients feeling like they are walking on air.

The socks are made with sustainable cotton and are an excellent choice for nearly any recipient. Everyone loves a new pair of socks, so getting three new pairs will make your business an instant favorite!

Keep It Green Eco Swag Pack

Swag made from recyclable materials can help give planet Earth a much-needed break while providing you with high-quality products that will become fan favorites for your giftees.

Bamboo pens and coasters are one of the pack’s highlights, as the materials are sustainable and durable for everyday use! You can also find a t-shirt made with recycled tri-blend that can be customized with a brand slogan or logo and custom socks made of merino wool.

The silicone tumbler does two jobs at once, as it is constructed with a recyclable material that won’t pollute the environment while also helping cut down on plastic bottles!

Tech Lover Swag Pack

Technology is an integral part of our lives, and nearly every recipient will appreciate new additions to their collection.

This tech swag pack features several items which can be customized with your brand’s logo, including a phone charger, power bank, and phone stand to keep your trusty smartphones ready and available at all times.

There’s also a wireless speaker perfect for beach days or picnics, blue light glasses, and webcam covers to help protect recipients during screentime, and even a smart key finder that can act as a lifesaver.

The pack is also a great fit for new hire welcome kits, helping employees get situated in a new office with helpful swag items.

No Thought Required Swag Pack

If only every decision in business required no thinking!

This no-thought swag box is perfect if you want to gift a thoughtful and memorable swag bag without brainstorming for hours on end for the right fit. The cotton t-shirt can be quickly customized with your brand’s logo, along with a pair of custom socks that every recipient will appreciate.

There’s also a set of pens and a notebook that can serve as an accessible way to write down notes or flashes of inspiration, and both items can be fitted with your brand’s logo or slogan. The pack even features a mug and laptop stickers, serving as an all-in-one pack to make any employee or client’s day.

Build Your Own Business Swag Bag

Creating your own swag bag can offer you the most flexibility, allowing you to choose the items your recipients will appreciate the most.

Many apparel options are available, including hoodies, backpacks, long-sleeve t-shirts, and fleece vests. You can also personalize socks with additional options, like ribbed crew socks or merino wool hiking socks, and accessories like knit scarves and beanies.

Numerous drinkware and writing utensil options exist, including bamboo water bottles and ombre pens. The tech possibilities are also plentiful, with a miniature game console featuring 400 retro games, a waterproof wireless speaker, and wireless earbuds appealing to any tech lover.

With so many neat business swag bag ideas, including Rubik’s cubes, connect four games, and duffel bags, creating your own swag pack is a fabulous way to tailor a corporate gift to fit the needs of your audience.


We’ve shared some pretty great ideas if we do say so ourselves. So, where can you start building your swag bag or ordering one of the other exquisite packs we’ve described today? Your search ends at Swag Bar…

Bring Your Swag Bag Ideas for Business to Life at SwagBar.com!

Swag Bar is the world's #1 supplier of custom swag boxes. We’ve been trusted by massive brands like Nike, Apple, and Yeti, thanks to our made-in-the-USA process that consistently delivers premium quality results.

We constantly aim higher and higher to deliver swag boxes that help businesses show appreciation for the people that matter the most to their success, and our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied.

Why Work With Swag Bar?

We focus on premium quality products that we personally inspect. In fact, if you walk around our office, you’ll find several of the products we sell on our desks or as part of our outfits. We feel that promotional swag should include only top-quality products that won’t be thrown away or ignored.

Our dedicated design team will work with you and your business personally to create designs that will turn heads and become a part of your giftees’ everyday lives. With a close-knit team based out of Charlotte, NC, we can dedicate the time to personally connect with you and your business to ensure you are satisfied.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business, as we strive to become net-neutral with every box we create. We also donate 5% of our profits to help clean the world’s waterways of plastic or trash.

How it Works

You’ll begin by browsing our website, whether you want one of our pre-curated packs to save you time on decision-making or a customized selection to tailor your gifts personally. From there, our design team will work with you to craft customized products featuring your brand’s logo or marketing message.

After feedback with our team, you’ll submit your final approval, and we’ll begin producing your pack. All you have to do from there is wait 15-30 days until your swag arrives!

Of course, if you are ever not 100% satisfied with our work, you can always reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to make it right. We love helping our clients create unique swag boxes, so feel free to give us a call or email at any time!

Wrapping Up Our List of the Best Business Swag Bag Ideas

If you’ve been searching for employee gifts or unique ways to connect with clients, vendors, or customers, a swag giveaway may be just what your business needs. 

Swag bags are a budget-friendly way to grow your company’s brand and show appreciation for the people who are crucial to the success of your business, from customers and clients to employees and vendors.

If you want to learn more about harnessing the power of swag, check out our blog for more articles, including a look at the origination of swag as a concept, the best intern gifts, if gifts to employees are tax deductible, swag’s meaning in business contexts, and more!

Swag Bar is the best choice if you’re ready to revolutionize your corporate gifting strategy. Our focus on premium-quality products and a personalized ordering and design experience helps ensure you only receive the best swag possible. 

Browse our shop today to get started with a member of our design team!