Why Corporate Gifting Is Important For Your Business

Why Corporate Gifting Is Important For Your Business

Why Corporate Gifting Is Important For Your Business

Have you ever experienced being new to a school, to a city, or to an office and you have no friends to hang out with just yet? Of course, deep inside, you know that you are an amazing person with a lot to offer and you will find your own people eventually but, how? If you have experienced being any one of these, then you perhaps also remember that moment when you decided to keep someone as your friend for life. It was most probably around the time that they had done something special, something kind and honest that warmed the cockles of your heart– that’s when you decided to be friends with them forever. 

They made you feel important enough, they gave you value, and in doing so, they kindled in you the desire to do the same. 

That, dear friends, is why corporate gifting is important. 

What Is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting, in the simplest of terms, is a means of establishing your brand to a community– or if you have already established your brand, then cementing its position, its good name in the opinion of consumers, associates, employees, and even of your competitors. It is a way for you to remind people of the value that you consistently provide. 

Why Corporate Gifting Is Important? 5 Benefits For Your Business

So why is corporate gifting important? Imagine you are a new business owner, you believe in your product, and you have proven its value countless times. You probably even already have platoons of fans who consume your products ceaselessly. Or maybe, your brand name is one that’s already been in the market for decades. People know you, and generations of consumers swear by your brand. Is this strategy really going to help you that much?

It’s true - corporate gifting is important for any type of business, new or old. From strengthening relationships with suppliers & partners to keeping employee morale high, showing clients you really care, increasing brand awareness, and much, much more - corporate gifting is as important as many other elements in your business. Scroll through a list of reasons why below!

Strengthen Relationships With Suppliers & Partners

It should not come as a surprise that this one would be first on the list. Your suppliers and your partners are vital to the success of your brand. They are the source of everything that makes your brand what it is: awesome!

It makes sense, therefore, to make them feel valued. Reminding them that they are important to the business will strengthen the relationships you have with them, ensuring that your operations will continue to run smoothly in the years to come. This, in turn, will only amount to more progress and success for your brand. In an era where business is less personal than ever, you can stand out among your competitors and be the main priority for your supplier and partners!

Keep Employee Morale High

Employees are the backbone of your company. They do the work that contriubutes to your profit. They must be taken care of, and every now and then, they must receive a treat. Even if it is as simple as new office mugs, new pens, a notepad with your company logo on top, or when the company is doing really great– GIFT BOXES! There are plenty of gift ideas you can choose from. 

A simple gift will go a long way in reminding your employees that their efforts are well noted and that they remain indispensable members of the company. 

Show Clients That You Really Care

When pondering why corporate gifting is important, we would bet that this is what your first answer would be, just off the top of your head. This is because clients are your customers, the consumers of your services or products. Their continued support and loyalty to your brand is tantamount to a steady flow of income for your company. 

So when it is Christmas or Thanksgiving and you send over a box of goodies that bear your company logo, you not only tell them they are valued. But, you also get to remind them of the great value that your brand offers - staying top of mind. You can’t put an ROI on this, but you can rest assured that investing in client gifts pays off in the long run!

Increase Brand Awareness

Ultimately, the answer to the question why is corporate gifting important is pretty simple: MARKETING.

It is goodwill and marketing at the same time. You see, Marketing is a cutthroat industry and it is always good to stay on top, it is always good to have some sort of marketing swag strategy. So it is only wise that in everything we do, we remember to incorporate brand awareness campaigns, even if they are as subtle as a Christmas gift in the shape of an umbrella with your company name on it *winks*. 

Sway Employees and Consumers of Competitor Brands

Imagine this. You take care of your partners and suppliers, you are well-loved by your employees, and your own clients adore your brand. 

Your brand is obviously doing great, your followers are growing in number by the minute. And they all talk with friends/family about how great you are. They also mention the amazing gifts that they got from you that Christmas. 

A new and promising employee who just received his gift box shares with an equally promising friend of his who is presently employed at a competitor brand, about the wonderful presents he received upon getting hired in your company. The equally promising friend, enticed by all the perks and by the warm welcome, leaves his current company to apply to yours. You now have another smart and capable person joining your ranks. 

In the same way, a stranger on the bus overhears a huge fan and user of your brand, about the gift basket she got from you just because the company remembers their client’s birthdays, especially when they have been using your membership card for the last five years. The stranger who overhears this then decides to try you out and is won over. 

This is why corporate gifting is important. 

It allows you to gain trust and goodwill back, even as you’re sleeping. 

You Know Why Corporate Gifting Is Important…How Do You Get Started Though?

So now you know why is corporate gifting important. You have been made aware of all the wonderful things corporate gifting can do for you. You finally realized that the amount you invest in these gifts will, in one way or another, always give you back twice or thrice what you spent. Now the next question is how to get started. We’ll explain down below!

Determine Your Goals

First, you have to determine your goals. It is pretty straightforward, and logical, too. After all, the only way to get somewhere is to first know where you want to go. So, where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? Do you want to convince buyers who are still on the fence about your product? Do you wish to poach star employees from competitor brands? Or do you just want to remind longtime clients that you are, evermore, the wonderful brand that you have always been? The one who always thinks of more ways to give them the best value possible?

Pick a goal and start from there. 

Build A Budget

Once you have your goal. You have to plan your swag budget around it. Of course, money is the lifeblood of any business, and when it comes to that, you have to be wise. 

So for whatever you need, create a reasonable and workable budget. It should be a little more than enough. That way, you have a leeway to be able to pick a good supplier, but not too much that you risk spending a lot of money that your company could have repurposed for other projects. 

Find Your Corporate Gifting Supplier

When it comes to corporate gifting, one of the keys would be finding a reliable supplier. 

Keep in mind that the supplier you must pick should be capable of projecting the same characteristics that your brand possesses. If you have premium quality, the corporate gifts they make must have a premium feel, too. 

On top of that, you have to look for a supplier who is capable of customizing gifts to fit your needs, have diverse products for you to choose from, offer competitive prices, and has a helpful customer support team who can assist you through all the last minute tweakings, and etc.

Word to the wise: Seek out suppliers who offer the best corporate gift packages

Bring Your Swag Vision To Life!

For every brand, there is a suitable and inspiring vision awaiting only to materialize. 

So brainstorm with your team, map it out. Because in a world that is constantly buzzing with ideas that surprise multitudes, how do you wish to be seen and heard? More importantly, how do you wish to impress the world?

Why Is Corporate Gifting Important? Wrapping Things Up

Corporate gifting is an important marketing tool that helps your business gain more followers. It builds up your brand, it deepens and strengthens your relationships with focal people within and outside your company. 

Think of corporate gifting as a bank for goodwill. The more you invest in it, the more it can help you in difficult times. Good relationships with employees, clients, and other businesses will ease your way through difficult situations. That’s why you invest in it, because you know that at some point, it will help you reach your marketing goals. 

One thing worth keeping in your mind though is that no matter what your goals are, we’re the #1 choice for swag packs online. We can help you build swag boxes for employees, virtual swag bags, and much, much more! However, the best thing about all these is that we give you a choice to create your own Swag Pack or fall back on our already curated packs. Either way, you’ll have great stuff to offer as corporate gifts. 

Really, if you wanna get somewhere in this area of the business, pick a good partner. 

But whoever, whichever you choose, they better have SWAG.