Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Help Meet Your Business Goals (2022)

Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Help Meet Your Business Goals (2022)

Best Corporate Gifting Companies To Help Meet Your Business Goals (2022)

In a different article, we have discussed with you why corporate gifting is important. There, you learned that corporate gifting is a powerful marketing tool that not only helps you nurture your relationship with existing partners and clients but also helps you attract and forge relationships with new ones. 

Now that you know of its importance and the aid it can give your marketing efforts, it is only right that we let you in on the Best Corporate Gifting Companies that you can tap to help you meet your business goals this year. We’re guessing you are now pretty excited to make this corporate tradition part of your retention and marketing strategies, which is why you’ll need a really good supplier. And by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly where to start your search! First things first, what exactly is a corporate gifting company?

What Is A Corporate Gifting Company?

Before we share with you our list of the best corporate gifting companies, let us first define what they are. A corporate gifting company is one that manufactures and supplies items used for corporate gifting, as the name suggests. They are experts in the fields of manufacturing and designing gift items, big and small. Not only do they create goods branded with your logo, they may be able to help you implement your corporate gifting strategy. Let’s take a look at what they can do for you.

What Can A Corporate Gifting Company Do For You?

To gain a perspective on what a corporate gifting company can do for you, you need to first have an idea of what a culture of corporate gifting can do for your company. Let us tell you this: A LOT. 

Corporate gifting enhances your company’s image to everyone you do business with: your employees, suppliers, partners, and ultimately, your clients. It sweetens your reputation and heightens people’s regard for your brand. 

So following the same logic, employing a corporate gifting company to take care of your gifting needs is the first step to achieving all the wonderful things that corporate gifting can do for you and your business. Makes sense? Good - let’s continue on to the next section - what makes the best corporate gifting company? We’ll break down the criteria you should follow. 

What Makes The Best Corporate Gifting Companies? Criteria To Keep In Mind

To find out if a corporate gifting company is a good supplier for your gifting items, all you have to do is follow our little checklist below:

Simple, Seamless Customization Process

Of course when you decide on the type of gifts to give, who to give them to, and when to give them- your first course of action is to sit down and brainstorm with your team for ideas. And often, you come up with items that are both functional and attractive to the eye, with the principle that you want people to use your gifts, not just stash them in a corner after gushing at how cute they are. 

Once you have decided on this, you then begin the hunt for suppliers of these items, and after you have chosen a supplier, the one thing you will have to check with them first is if they can actually customize those items with your brand/company logo.

Naturally, your team of designers would have ideas on which part of the gifting item must your logo be positioned, or how it would look when it is done. In your mind, you know you picked a good item, so the last thing you would want is for the customization to ruin it. 

This is why it is imperative that you pick a supplier with a simple and seamless customization process. You want your logo to be visible where you want it and you’d want it to look good. After all, more than just a show of goodwill, you want to impress the people who will receive those gifts.

Incredible Customer Support Each Step Of The Way

The corporate world is a dynamic, fast-paced world. The days tend to be chaotic. Deadlines pile up, and no matter how careful we try to be, there is always a tendency that things would go wrong a little before they go absolutely perfect. 

When things in the corporate gifting department come crashing down, when you need to apply sudden changes, when the items that you received are the wrong ones, when your PR/Marketing/Creative team finally decided a little too late against embossing company logos on a ton of t-shirts, or when the person in charge simply changed his mind about the tiniest of details– you call your supplier. 

And once tricky situations present you with really difficult questions, there is only one thing you need on the other end of the phone line– a helpful customer support team to answer your every query, and pacify you, if the need arises. 

Quality Swag That People Will Actually Use

A good supplier is one that manufactures products that are not just cute but functional as well. You don’t really want to give gifts that people will just throw away or pile up in a corner somewhere and forget about. You want your gifts to serve a purpose to the people you give them to. We understand that you are making attempts at providing value. So you need to look for suppliers who can give you a list of choices that go beyond dainty keychains and little glass figurines. 

You need your gifts to have SWAG. 

Competitive Prices 

A supplier can’t possibly be among the best corporate gifting companies if their prices are not able to compete with other corporate gifting companies, right? A good supplier can give you not just superb quality products, but also deal you prices that make sense for your business. These are tough times, after all.

Quality Products

A good supplier must be able to carry the quality that your brand exhibits. Can you imagine giving gifts to valued partners and clients and those gifts don’t at all match the quality of your brand? If you are posh, they have to be posh. If your company takes pride in the fact that all your products have premium quality, then your corporate gift items must have the same premium feel as well. Think of your gifts as an extension of your brand, of what your company is. 

You need a partner that represents your company properly. You will have to pick a supplier who can give you products that embody your most important attributes - quality, attention to detail, etc.

Diverse Offerings  

Any good supplier must also be capable of giving you a variety of items and packages to choose from. 

There are a lot of suppliers out there who only offer the same types of products you’re used to seeing in the corporate gifting game, for the same prices. It is important that you pick a partner that can give you a wider array of giftable items to choose from. Remember, there are holidays every year and you hire new people every now and then– don’t keep giving them the same corporate gifts as everyone else. Think outside the box a little, and make sure that you hire the supplier whose outputs indicate that they think outside of the box too. 

So, What Are The Best Corporate Gifting Companies Of 2022?

Using the checklist we have provided as a standard to weigh all corporate gifting companies, one would realize that most, if not all gifting companies actually fall short of this criteria.

You will find that customer service is lacking these days, prices tend to be outrageous, and yet the quality of items offered doesn’t meet your standards for your brand. Worse, the customization process is complex, time-consuming, and leaves much to be desired in terms of the final product. All this frustration can have you question whether it’s worth the stress and agony of going through all the back and forth.

We’ve got good news, though. You don’t have to suffer through this. We’re going to share the best corporate gifting company with you today. And while it’s true that we initially said that we were going to give you a list of the best corporate gifting companies, it is for all those reasons listed above that we are going to introduce you to nobody but the #1 Corporate Gifting Company: SWAG BAR! 

Why Swag Bar Is The Best Corporate Gifting Company Of 2022

Wondering why Swag Bar is the best corporate gifting company of 2022? Simple - you won’t find a better bang for your buck, customization possibilities, product offerings, and of course, customer support. Swag Bar’s impressive collection of premium quality gift items and their ever-helpful and courteous customer service to assist you at any step along the way are the two biggest reasons our customers keep coming back for more. There’s no doubt about it, Swag Bar is the best corporate gifting company there is. 

Among other things that make Swag Bar the best in the business is their corporate gift baskets. You don’t see that sort of offering a lot. It’s a true testament to what happens when you put your heart into the business. Swag Bar is known for its vetted premium products - after all, the fine folks here at Swag Bar use these products themselves. Plus, we offer better flexibility in designing your products than anywhere else. We don’t just give you standard templates and tell you that your logo can only be placed in one of two spots -  no. We assure you that at Swag Bar, you are in control of your corporate gifts. 

You can pick colors and design elements– really, whatever you can dream of, Swag Bar’s dedicated design team will do their best to make that happen. 

Transactions with Swag Bar are also more intimate and personal. We never just take your money and let some junior account person deal with you, no. Swag Bar’s customer service will be with you every step of the way. There is something about this personal touch that will make you want to come back when it’s time to re-up on your corporate gifts.

Want To Get Started At Swag Bar?

So, ready to experience the Swag Bar difference yourself? You’ll be amazed at how easy it is. Here’s how it works: 

STEP 1: Pick your pack (or create your own)

Sort through our preset packs or choose to create your own!

STEP 2: Describe your design vision

Our dedicated design team will get to work on a one-of-a-kind theme for your brand.

STEP 3: Provide feedback and iterate

Our design team will work with you to make sure your design is spot on.

STEP 4: You approve

Once approved, you’ll be placed into the production queue upon payment.

STEP 5: Ready to ship in 15-30 days

Sit back and relax, we’ll handle the rest!

Want to talk it over with a professional? Meet us in person at our office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Or if you're currently swamped with work, you can give us a call instead at (704) 765-2135. You can also send us an email at: We are available to discuss your project and answer your questions Mondays to Fridays, from 9am to 5pm, Eastern Standard Time. Call between those hours and rest assured that someone will certainly pick up the phone, ready to assist you. 

Final Thoughts On The Best Corporate Gifting Companies Online In 2022

Corporate gifting is a great marketing and PR tool for your company and your brand. It works for you even while you sleep. It has been proven effective in nurturing relationships and gaining you lifelong customers, strengthening your brand recall, and growing your clientele. 

But to start a culture of corporate gifting in your office and among your partners and own suppliers, you need the best possible corporate gifting company you can find. You can, of course, utilize the standards that we have set for you as you search for one. Just look for suppliers who are capable of providing you with a simple and seamless customization process, competitive pricing, premium quality, and a wide array of choices. A helpful customer service team should be a non-negotiable factor in your decision as well. 

But then again, why go through the trouble of doing all that when we have just pointed you towards the direction of the best? *wink*

Begin your tradition of corporate gifting today by contacting our team at Swag Bar.  No matter what your goals are, we’re the #1 choice for swag packs

Whether it’s creating a great first impression on your newly hired employees with our new hire welcome kits, or promoting your brand through promotional gift boxes, Swag Bar exists to help you achieve all that and so much more!

Don’t think that your options are limited with our curated Swag packs. You also have the option to create your own. You can start your corporate gifting tradition this instant, the only thing you have to do is talk to one of us today.