The Best Fall Swag Ideas for Businesses in 2023

The Best Fall Swag Ideas for Businesses in 2023

The Best Fall Swag Ideas for Businesses in 2023

If the fall season has your promotional team perplexed, swag is the solution for you. Swag is becoming wildly popular for marketing departments and upper management alike, but what is all the hype about?

Simply put, swag is merchandise in bulk used to show appreciation to loyal customers and employees, allowing you to spread your brand at a fraction of the cost of typical advertising campaigns. The fall season is the perfect time to bolster the relationship between your business and your customers or employees. It can reignite the passion for your employees and allow you to stay on customers’ minds during the holiday shopping season.

If you are searching for fall swag ideas, Swag Bag is the expert in producing high-quality swag that will deliver exactly what you are aiming for. Read on for some amazing tips and a showcase of the best company swag ideas for the 2023 season.

The Benefits of Fall Swag for Businesses

Investing in merchandise in bulk is rife with benefits for business owners. From loyal customers to hard-working employees in need of recognition, everyone appreciates a nice swag giveaway.

The opportunities are nearly endless, from swag for trade shows that can separate your business from hundreds of others, to new hire welcome kits and intern gifts to show appreciation to your employees.

Increase Brand Awareness

If you have been searching for a novel way to raise brand awareness through word-of-mouth, swag marketing is an excellent choice. Offering high-quality merchandise to loyal customers and employees allows for an increase in organic branding opportunities.

Picture this. Your company has offered free client gift boxes as part of a seasonal promotion. While the possibilities are nearly endless, we can use a thermos or coffee mug for this example. Your loyal customers, who already speak highly of your business, now have reliable drinkware they take with them to their office, the gym, and anywhere else they venture.

This can easily create a snowball effect, where hundreds of new potential clients per week are made aware of your brand. Loyal customers who feel rewarded are much more likely to sing your company’s praises, and they even have the swag to prove it.

Strengthen Relationships With Key Clients & Vendors

Fostering a strong relationship with your most important clients is critical in order to maintain healthy revenue flows.

In addition, vendors can make or break the quality of the products or services you provide. Building a positive connection with your most important vendors is hugely important, especially when contracts need to be renegotiated or emergencies occur.

Quality swag works wonders at ensuring the people who matter most to your business feel valued and appreciated.

Raise Employee Morale

Like vendors and clients, your employees are the heart and soul of your business. As a business owner, it can be easy to get lost in the weeds of benchmarks and performance metrics without taking a moment to think about the morale of your employees. Employee appreciation gift boxes can be the perfect solution when celebrating a huge milestone or incentivizing your employees to avoid leaving for greener pastures.

If you are still on the fence about investing in your employees, you may be wondering - Are employee gifts tax deductible? You can declare up to $25 per employee per year, allowing you to save money during tax season while boosting employee morale.

All of this is to say that stepping up employee swag can go a long way, with that small investment leading to huge future gains. And below, we’ll break down some of the best fall swag ideas for businesses looking to attain any of these benefits and the many others that come with!

What are the Best Fall Swag Ideas for Businesses Right Now?

If you are ready to invest into your swag budget, your next step is to determine exactly which types of merchandise would best suit your customers or employees.

The decision may be difficult, but thankfully, at Swag Bar we offer curated swag packs that take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. Of course, if none of these packs speak to you, you can always reach out to us and work with one of our designers to design the pack of your dreams!

Keep It Green Eco Swag Pack

Sustainability is crucial in the modern era, and securing bulk merchandise that remains environmentally friendly is important.

If you are looking for sustainable swag ideas, we offer a green-friendly swag pack that allows you to show your appreciation without harming the planet. Our Eco swag pack comes with bamboo pens and coasters, wool socks and more, all packed with recyclable packing material!

At Swag Bar, we are proud to remain focused on sustainability in all that we do. 5% of our profits are donated to help assist with the cleanup of waterways so you can feel good about spending your swag budgets here with us!

No Thought Required Swag Pack

No thoughts required? If only the rest of business were that easy. This pack is perfect if you want to reach a general audience without compromising on quality. The ceramic mug is sure to become an instant favorite around the office, along with stickers and a notebook!

Office Zen Swag Pack

With so many office swag ideas out there, sometimes it can be best to get back to the basics. Our office zen swag pack can help your employees take a deep breath and boost their productivity. Check out the planter if you want to start a horticulture club at your office! The pack also comes with a pennant, a notebook, and pens.

Tech Lover Swag Pack

In need of tech swag ideas? The tech workers at your office are your knights in shining armor at fixing problems and developing amazing new innovations. Reward them with awesome products they’ll love, like flash drives, blue-light-blocking glasses, and phone cases.

80’s-90’s Nostalgia Swag Pack

80’s and 90’s children make up the bulk of the workforce, and this nostalgia pack will have your employees and customers dreaming of the good ol’ days. Don’t let anyone tell you fanny packs are going out of style, because this pack is proof otherwise! There’s also a deck of cards and even a neat desk basketball game.

Born In the USA Swag Pack

Swag Bar is proud to be based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, and our USA swag pack is proof of it. The socks in this pack are sure to be a hit throughout the holiday party season. The pack also comes with a t-shirt and a hat, making your office the pinnacle of style!

Create Your Own Fall Swag Box!

At Swag Bar, we get it. With so many ideas and company traditions, our curated collections may not perfectly fit your swag dreams. That’s why we’re happy to offer customized swag packs to fit your needs. You will be matched up with one of our amazing design team members to create a unique collection, from tumblers and mugs to t-shirts, and even flash drives and phone cases!

Why Bring Your Fall Swag Ideas to Life at Swag Bar?

Swag Bar is your trusted source for bulk custom merchandise, from company gift boxes to our curated swag packs. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, we deliver high-quality, custom-ordered swag that will leave your customers and employees feeling appreciated.

High-Quality Swag That Actually Delivers an ROI

You wouldn’t give a flimsy, easily breakable toy as a gift to your child or your pet, would you? At Swag Bar, we offer only the highest quality products, allowing your recipients to integrate those items into their daily lives with ease.

A Quick, Easy, and Fun Process From Start to Finish

We are here for you at Swag Bar. Our team of designers loves to make your swag dreams come true. We assign you one of our designers to help you determine the exact specifications of your swag order, and we are always here to help you express your creative side.

Unbeatable Customer Support From Start to Finish

Bulk Merchandise orders are what we specialize in, but we know how important it is to provide quality customer support. We are here for you every step of the way, from your first inquiry to getting you set up with a designer, all the way through the delivery process. Reach out to us for anything you may need!

What to Consider When Choosing Swag Ideas for Fall Events or Corporate Gifting

Fall can be a busy season for most businesses, so finding the right swag for your busy calendar can be a challenge. Here are some factors to consider when figuring out your promotional plan.

Think About the Goal With Your Swag Efforts

When it comes to figuring out the best swag to use, consider who will be receiving it. Promotion gift boxes are an amazing way to reward loyal customers to increase brand loyalty.

Attending or hosting a big conference in the fall instead? Our virtual event gift boxes are perfect for making a conference one to remember.

Prioritize Practicality When Selecting Swag Ideas

The key to a successful word-of-mouth marketing campaign comes with choosing items your recipients will actually use. Our wool socks are amazing, but if your business primarily serves warm-weather clients, consider sunglasses or water bottles instead.

Factor in Budget & Timeline

The demands of your budget will help determine the best course of action for your bulk merchandise plans. Be sure to take into account how many employees or clients you wish to reach, along with planning ahead for timely delivery. We recommend a minimum of one month in advance for any orders, but the sooner you can order it before a major event, the better!

Wrapping Up Our Guide to Fall Swag Ideas This Season

From the best conference swag in the industry to a plethora of different swag box options, Swag Bar is here for all of your promotional merchandise needs. 

Feeling appreciated can easily bring spirits back up for your employees during the Fall season, giving them that extra burst of motivation before the holiday season arrives. Happy employees that feel appreciated can easily deliver far beyond even your most ambitious internal goals and benchmarks, so give your employees some swag and watch the magic happen.

Reach out to us today to connect with a designer and set your fall swag goals in motion!