Where to Order Company Swag in 2023: Tips for Finding the Right Supplier

Where to Order Company Swag in 2023: Tips for Finding the Right Supplier

Where to Order Company Swag in 2023: Tips for Finding the Right Supplier

On the hunt to figure out where to order company swag in 2023? Your search ends right here at Swag Bar. Our branded swag boxes are individually vetted to ensure premium quality, avoiding cheap disposable products common to other manufacturers in the industry. Some of our best company swag ideas emerge from us using our very own products!

The right supplier for custom swag can make or break your promotional goals. Swag Bar offers premium quality curated swag packs that avoid the cookie-cutter trap most manufacturers fall into. Our intimately sized design team will be personally assigned to your order to guide you every step of the way!

From customized swag boxes that you completely customize with the help of a designer to pre-curated packs that fit a common theme and match your brand’s personality, Swag Bar is the perfect choice for you. Read onwards for more information on why Swag Bar is the perfect choice for ordering company swag.

Why Where You Order Company Swag isn’t Something to Take Lightly

The decision of where to order high-quality swag is a critical choice that can affect your company for years on end. Marketing departments around the world are waking up to the value of customized swag and promotional giveaways, making the act of standing out among the crowd all the more difficult. If you aren’t familiar with the origination of swag as a term, swag has evolved from its roots in Australia to become a catch-all term for promotional items and free giveaways for businesses, conferences, and trade shows alike.

Choosing a swag vendor that focuses on quality and unique design potential is key to ensuring positive outcomes. Many swag companies offer cheap items that barely last one use, turning what should be a thoughtful gesture into an insult. Additionally, several swag vendors create an illusion of choice through complicated ordering menus that appear to offer complex customization options but ultimately fall flat at making your swag dreams come true.

At Swag Bar, we know the struggles of trying to figure out where to order custom-made swag for your business. That’s why we’ve cultivated quality products that we love to use around our own office. We also provide a dedicated design team that won’t scoff at an ambitious design request but instead will guide you through every step of the process.

Your Swag is a Reflection of Your Company

You can’t read a book by its cover, but you might be able to judge a company based on its swag. Whether your target recipients are new employees or loyal customers, offering cheap, flimsy swag that falls apart at the first sign of distress won’t do you any favors.

Conversely, curated swag packs offer a unique set of merchandise through a common theme. Don’t simply settle for offering another keychain or water bottle your recipients will throw away! Instead, a set of high-quality swag items can serve as a unique gift that can become a part of your recipients’ daily lives.

The branding opportunities are through the roof as well! We can all recall seeing someone in a cafe or store drinking from a unique tumbler or wearing a funky shirt with a company logo on it, serving as the ultimate form of organic marketing. Ensuring your swag is made of premium quality materials will help influence your recipients to incorporate their new gifts into their daily lives, increasing the potential of organic outreach.

You Deserve a Fun, Seamless Process From Start to Finish

In your search for where to order company swag, you will inevitably encounter websites that offer customization services. Unfortunately, many of these services fail to offer two critical tools to help you get the most out of your swag budget.

First, you want to be sure to choose a company that offers a seamless design process. Many companies offering swag use customization pages that get bogged down in endless minutiae, which only serves to confuse you. At Swag Bar, we take the guesswork out of the equation, allowing you to save time pondering the best type of lid for a tumbler or best neckline for a t-shirt (unless you want to, that is!)

Additionally, many swag websites offer individual swag piece-by-piece, throwing you into the swag deep end. At Swag Bar, we have curated multiple swag packs that fit a common theme while also allowing you creative wiggle room. By providing you with your own designer, making your swag goals a reality is simple and carefree.

You Want to Get the Lowest Price Possible, Too!

Most bulk promotional item manufacturers will take the liberty of nickel-and-diming you along every step of the process. This can lead you to paying significantly more than you would ever dream of paying, all while offering lower-quality products to boot!

Swag Bar’s custom-curated boxes are budget-friendly while retaining that personal touch from our design team. You can rest assured every item in the swag boxes you create will last far beyond your wildest dreams. That’s why you will often find us using our own swag products around the office, and you might even come to find out that your designer is wearing the very same design of socks you are about to order in your box!

Where to Order Company Swag: Introducing a Solution That Checks All These Boxes and More!

Here at Swag Bar, we know that the search for where to order high-quality swag can be a challenge. Whether you are searching for new hire swag boxes to boost your company’s warm culture, or promotion gift boxes for loyal customers and vendors, sourcing the perfect products for your boxes is key.

In your hunt for where to order custom-made swag, you may have come across websites that offer customizable merchandise, but these sites will often overload your brain with what seems like a million different t-shirt options. At Swag Bar, we offer a simpler solution through curated swag boxes for virtual events, conferences, and swag giveaways that help you take the guesswork out of creating a swag box!

Our client gift boxes and employee appreciation gift boxes contain exactly the products you need to put a smile on the faces of those people that are critical to your company’s success, without requiring you to navigate an archaic ordering menu for hours on end.

Why Swag Bar is the #1 Choice for Company Swag in 2023

Whether you are aiming for school swag ideas for teachers or students, or you are on the hunt for the perfect gifts for interns, our design process is up to whatever challenge you throw at us. Unlike “one size fits all” customization shops, we work with you personally to create a design that incorporates your branding. This helps to ensure your tax-deductible gifts to employees and conference swag giveaways remain a key part of your recipients’ lives, which helps strengthen their loyalty to your business.

While many companies are all bark and no bite when it comes to customer service, our team at Swag Bar lives and breathes to help turn your conference swag ideas into a reality! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as we are committed to working with you along every step of the design process. Thanks to our intimately sized team, every order is personally assigned to one or more of our top designers, granting you a direct line of contact with us. Working with you personally to turn your trade show swag ideas or employee gifts into a beautiful, tangible swag box is our favorite aspect of the process.

From our simple yet effective swag box creation process to our one-of-a-kind customer service, it is no surprise we have been trusted by major brands like Nike, North Face, and Apple for their swag needs. If the seed of swag is beginning to grow in your mind, reach out to us today and we will be happy to share our own ideas with you!

A Few of Our Pre-Curated Swag Boxes

Pre-curated swag doesn’t have to be boring and impersonal. Our curated swag boxes all fit a common theme, allowing you to target your recipients to fit their preferences. Our tech-lover swag pack is the perfect option for your IT department or tech-focused vendors. We also offer seasonal packs that are the perfect excuse for a company outing, like our spring picnic pack and our summertime swag pack.

There are plenty of options in our catalog, and you can always make swaps if you find another piece of swag you want to add. Our themed boxes serve as an amazing guideline to work with, turning a bland giveaway into a personalized experience!

You Can Build Your Own Swag Box How You See Fit, Too!

Customization is the spice of life, so if you’re searching for where to order custom-made swag, we have you covered! At Swag Bar, we assign a personal designer to your order that will guide you along every step of the process.

Want a swag box that is filled with t-shirts? No problem.

How about a box that contains multiple office-desk-friendly games, like connect four, a mini basketball hoop, and playing cards? Just say the word.

The possibilities are nearly endless, so be sure to reach out to our design team to let them know exactly what you are aiming for with your swag pack!

Now That You Know Where to Order High-Quality Swag, Here’s How to Get Started…

With the decision of where to order company swag behind you, the ordering process at Swag Bar will take you the rest of the way. The process is simple and fun, so reach out to our design team today to get started!

Step 1) Choose Your Swag Box

Whether you are searching for a custom swag box or want to choose one of our curated packs, every order starts with this choice. Remember, we can always make swaps if you find a pre-curated pack you love but can’t pass up the opportunity for an additional item outside the pack!

Step 2) Describe Your Vision

After determining which type of swag box you desire, you will be assigned a designer who will review your case. Be sure to add in any details or tweaks you have in mind, such as where to place your company logo, what colors to use for t-shirts and socks, or if you have a custom item you want to be swapped in.

Step 3) Kick Back & Relax While We Handle the Rest

If only everything in business were this easy! Once you have spoken with our designer and submitted your order, simply sit back and relax. Our design team will send you proofs and stay in touch throughout the process, allowing you to spend more time focusing on how to best utilize your new swag boxes.

Final Thoughts on Where to Order Company Swag

The quest for personalized company gift boxes and swag giveaways is not always an easy one, but at Swag Bar, we are up to the challenge. Our pre-curated boxes are the perfect way to fit a common theme and stand out in the hearts of your recipients. Additionally, we offer a fully customizable swag pack that allows you to tweak your swag pack to your heart’s desire with the help of our design team.

With Swag Bar and our personal touch, you can rest assured your swag box goals will be met with care and expertise, thanks to our laser-focused design team. While other companies are happy to take your money and produce another cookie-cutter bulk merchandise order, our team at Swag Bar is always thrilled to work with you personally to fit your ambitions.

Finally, our customer service is top notch, from our curated tips and advice at the beginning of the design process to our 100% satisfaction guarantee that keeps you protected after your order is complete.

Ready to get started on your swag journey? Reach out to us today at Swag Bar to make your promotional dreams come true!