The Top Office Swag Ideas for Your Business Right Now

The Top Office Swag Ideas for Your Business Right Now

The Top Office Swag Ideas for Your Business Right Now

Right now, smart business owners like you are already looking for ways to improve customer experiences and build solid relationships with team members, clients, and even prospects.

Giving out intentional office swag packs is a sure way to build stronger relationships around your business, leading to growth because people love free things of value!

The best office swag item ideas today are functional and unique. However, it can be a rocky road to find out what’s hot and what’s not for your next office swag bag while still trying to focus on business.

For this reason, we put together some of the must-include items for your company’s corporate goodie bag. These customized items make everyday life easier and more efficient. And you don't have to spend a fortune putting them together.

But why should you consider swag bags as a marketing strategy today anyway?

What is the Point of Office Swag Bag Ideas, Exactly?

When chosen carefully and thoughtfully, the primary essence of office swag bags is to make your business stand out, especially now when the competition has never been higher.

The point of distributing swag bags is to build favorable connections with your brand. But by extension, you also boost staff morale, offer incentives to attract more customers, and promote repeat business. Here is how:

Strengthen Key Relationships With Vendors & Clients

Intentional swag bags can help create that special relationship as soon as your lead becomes a customer. For example, you can accompany free high-quality items with a heartfelt letter that ties the recipient into the themes of your business's goods or services.

Your followers will be more likely to gush about your business to their friends and coworkers if you provide them with adequate onboarding and custom client gift boxes. By doing this, you’ve strengthened key relationships with clients.

Increase Employee Morale

Giving out office swag bags is also a tried-and-true way of encouraging the efforts of your team members and, by extension, boosting their morale. You send a message of warmth and friendliness through company swag ideas when you include high-end items.

Aside from improving the overall workplace experience, the right employee gift boxes make your employees feel comfortable about working with you. 

Build Brand Awareness

A customized office swag bag can also help improve your business's awareness. When you include items with high utility in these packages, people will take the items with your logo everywhere. Interior decoration ideas for swag bags also help to take your branding into people’s homes.

Also, sending office swag bags to social media influencers can hugely influence your brand awareness. 

But you want yours to stand out from the dozens of other promotion gift box these influencers receive from people. Hence, you need to consider only the best office swag ideas.

What to Consider When Seeking the Best Office Swag Ideas

There are a few things to keep in mind when putting together office swag. If not done right, this marketing idea can also be a waste of money, time, and resources.

So, as you search for the best office swag ideas, here are our two cents on things to consider:

Start With a Goal

Office swag bag ideas are used to achieve many things. Is it to establish a stronger relationship with your top clients? Is it to encourage or reward your employees in the event of a promotion? Is it to entice prospects? Or is it simply for brand awareness during special events?

Your decision on these helps to focus on the ideal items to splurge on.  Ultimately, you want to include things the recipient will use now and in the future.

Build Your Budget

When considering office swag bags, you can’t separate the budget from the overall planning. What have you set aside in your swag budget, and how much are you willing to shell out?

To make the right budget decisions, weigh the potential ROI of giving these swag bags with the money you’re about to spend on them. 

We recommend you go for higher-priced office swag items for high-value clients and economize your spending when considering large swag giveaway ideas.

Also, remember that employee gifts are tax-deductible. So keep this in mind as you plan your next office swag idea.

Focus on Functional, Unique Items

In today’s corporate world, office swag ideas have gone beyond pens and books carrying your logo. 

You need to focus on versatile items so your swag bag doesn’t become a storage burden for your employees, clients, prospects, or attendees.

Pre-Curated Swag Bags vs Building on Your Own

Another thing to consider when seeking office swag ideas is your decision between pre-curated swag bags or building your own based on preferred items. 

Your choice ultimately depends on your budget, the need for personalization, the target audience involved, the objective of the swag bag, and course, the creative work required.

Develop a Plan to Distribute the Goods

Especially if your team works remotely, you have to also consider plans to distribute the goods. 

Fortunately, our shipping feature makes it super easy to distribute your office swag to bigger remote teams. Distance shouldn’t be a barrier when promoting your business with office swag bags.

So…What are the Top Office Swag Ideas Right Now?

From pre-curated company gift boxes to other individual swag ideas, there are a handful of things you can incorporate into your next office swag idea that will make it stand out in today’s marketing landscape.

The real question is always, “What do I put in it?” While the process is entirely up to you, there are a few categories that you should include:


Apart from being an appropriate item for best conference swag ideas, events, and meetings, apparel in your office swag ideas instills in the recipients a sense of pride, community, and loyalty toward your company.

You should consider current fashion trends while choosing branded clothing products for business swag. For example, casual attire like windbreakers, North Face fleeces, and sweatshirts is popular due to the rise in remote employment.

But for a more personalized feel, you can include socks, a Snapback trucker hat, and Merino wool cuff beanies.

Tech Accessories

Who wouldn’t appreciate a high-quality piece of technology? for your next office giveaway or more, consider top-trending promotional tech items like:

  • The Aqua Thump wireless speakers
  • 5000 mAh rubberized branded power banks
  • Wireless chargers
  • and even Apple AirPods 

They are listed on our extensive, customizable item catalog.

Tech accessories are among the best items to include in a company swag box or bag because they make day-to-day tasks easier or more interesting, so the user gets to see your brand almost daily.

You can show off your business’s eco-friendly values through sustainable tech materials to stand out.


Another creative office swag idea is high-quality drinkware because it gets a lot of use, and thanks to the many creative options out there, choosing is easier.

A branded piece of high-quality drinkware is timeless. It's an especially thoughtful item to include in stepping up employee swag.

Consider the insulated Bistro coffee mug, sustainable Wheat Straw mugs, or the Yeti 20 oz. vacuum rambler tumbler on our extensive list of customizable swag items.

Water bottles are not left out, as you can consider ones with UV sanitization and durable insulation like the Miir 20 oz. vacuum wide-mouth water bottle.

Office Supplies

Office essentials like telecommute kits and hardbound office notebooks used to be great items for marketing swag boxes. But right now, people are making offices out of almost any environment. 

You can leverage this development to promote your brand by including functional office-related items at home and in corporate settings.

Some of our favorite ideas for a hybrid work swag collection include branded metal soft touch pens and Moleskine premium hard book covers, among others.

Food & Snacks

When putting together office swag bag ideas, think of items that your employees might enjoy while working. 

However, we recommend tasty, low-cost, easy-to-prepare foods and snacks, such as cookie boxes, hot chocolate bombs, gourmet tea variety boxes, White Cheddar popcorn, or even branded sugar cookies.

Food and snacks are also worthy items to include when brainstorming trade show swag ideas.

Pre-Curated Swag Boxes with Miscellaneous

To save yourself the hassle of putting one item after the other, consider opting for pre-curated office-themed swag boxes, which will come with other miscellaneous items. 

This is a sure way to make a bold impression and infuse your brand identity into a gift package for either employees or prospects.

A custom gift box can come with various branded items like a hoodie with a wireless charger, a home-office journal, a box of something sweet, and a message of appreciation, welcome, or encouragement.

The point is to make sure the package includes gifts employees actually want.

With Swag Bar, it is even easier. You can create your custom swag box or choose from our high-quality gift bundle.

Ready to See What These Office Swag Bag Ideas Can Do For Your Business?

You don’t have to go through the stress many employers and event managers go through when organizing a swag project.

As the one-stop shop for both new hire swag boxes and swag boxes for virtual events, Swag Bar understands the benefits of giving office gift boxes to your employees and clients.

So far, we’ve discussed the nitty-gritty of putting together an ideal corporate swag bag along with creative office swag ideas. 

Now, it’s high time we helped you realize what great ROI this marketing stunt can achieve for your business. We have everything you need, from new-hire swag boxes to swag boxes for virtual events. Here’s why you should choose Swag Bar today:

Why We’re the #1 Choice for Office Swag

Here at Swag Bar, we believe the best office swag idea goes beyond slapping a logo on a notebook or pen.

  • We have a solid history of helping business owners put together branded swag items that are useful and serve a purpose without sacrificing the fun.
  • We have listed some incredible premium pre-curated office gift boxes to make your business stand out and offer more selections than the competition.
  • The objective is simple: Your office swag should leave a memorable impression on target recipients. 

We help you put thought and intention into your business swag items that will delight your target audience in more ways than one.

How to Get Started Today

Select a pack among our extensive, creative preset packs to get started with Swag Bar, or create your own. Afterward, you get in touch with our dedicated design team to further communicate your design vision through a phone call, a sketch, or a design sample.

Following that, our design team will collaborate with you to ensure that your brand's distinct theme is brought to life. Once you approve it, we will move your order onto the production queue after you process the payment. Then, expect your swag bags to arrive within 15 to 30 days.

So - What are You Waiting for?

Indeed, it's quite a challenge to figure out what to give new hires, potential clients, and employees as gifts. What are you supposed to give people at events and conferences? It can be hard to come up with the perfect gift.

With over 170 creative items for your next event or conference, a stylish new hire welcome kit, or a thoughtful boss welcome kit, Swag Bar has what you need—just imagine it, and we'll bring it to life! Want to learn more? Answer a few short questions, and we’ll respond with a quote and a dedicated designer.