Fun Swag Ideas for Companies & Events in 2023!

Fun Swag Ideas for Companies & Events in 2023!

Fun Swag Ideas for Companies & Events in 2023!

Giving away free branded stuff to event attendees is an easy way to create a lasting impression of your brand. More than the top-notch speakers and networking opportunities at your company conferences, swag gifts give people a reason to remember your brand name for years to come.

Don't forget that swag can draw two reactions from your recipients - Yay or Nay. When your swag packs are filled with fun, practical, exciting items, your attendees will be delighted and you’ll enjoy all the benefits swag has to offer. But, a pack filled with mundane, played-out, boring products will probably meet its end in the nearest trash bin at the conference venue or the workplace dumpster.

So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves at Swag Bar to help you create fun swag boxes that your recipients will absolutely love! Get some inspiration for fun swag ideas from our exciting, pre-curated special-themed packages. First - what makes certain swag ideas “fun”?

What Makes Certain Swag Ideas “Fun”?

Swag ideas can be anything from wearables to souvenirs and other promotional items. These items include apparel, drinkware, tech products, plants, backpacks, and more. You can gift any of them individually or as a part of a package- either way, they can pass as swag once branded with your company logo.

However, what makes a swag idea fun and outstanding is the nature of the items included in the gift pack. How you combine the products you choose, the customization, the usability, and the items themselves can make company swag ideas exciting.

Here are questions you should ask yourself to determine whether your swag is fun;

  • Is it memorable? Will people easily remember your brand when they see the swag? Your fun company swag ideas should include products your recipients will not forget in a hurry.
  • Is it quality? How would you feel if you were gifted the same quality of swag? Swag gifts that last longer will help your recipients remember you for years.
  • Is it creative? Special-themed packs are 100% more creative and fun than swag boxes curated without a direction.

Nobody wants to give gifts people don't appreciate, so it is advisable to be intentional about the products you include in a swag package. Regardless of your swag budget, you can make the items fun, practical, memorable, and top-quality with our pro guidance. 

At Swag Bar, we ensure that our clients bring their fun, creative swag ideas to life and even chip in suggestions to make it more delightful. See some inspiration for your fun swag ideas in the next section.

The Most Fun Swag Ideas in 2023

Ready to bring your company's fun swag ideas to life? We have compiled a list of the best pre-curated fun swag ideas to help you leave a lasting impression, not just at events. They are gifts employees actually want, and your vendors, prospects, and clients will also love them. 

Tech Lover Swag Pack

Our Tech Lover Swag Pack works even for the impossible-to-shop-for person! Like it or not, almost everyone has one smart device or the other to stay connected to the world. So, giving them gadgets that make using those devices easier will be a thoughtful luxury gift.

Luckily, our Tech Lover Swag Pack beats any other with its treasure of much-needed gadgets that anyone would appreciate. It contains exciting life-saving items like anti-blue light glasses, which are efficient for protecting the eyes from strains while using the PC for an extended period.

We've also added a phone stand, wall charger, and a power bank which are essential things to have today. That's not all, there's more! Find out everything about Swag Bar's Tech Lover Swag Pack, including its price and minimum orders, by clicking on the link above.

Office Zen Swag Pack

Stressed-out employees? Don't fret! Just distribute our Office Zen Swag Pack to help them stay calm and focused on the task at hand throughout working hours.

This swag pack contains stress relief items, like the Haworthia coarctata plant, known for its ability to purify the air and increase oxygen in the room. To increase motivation, you'll also find three unique die-cut magnet packs that can be slapped on magnetic surfaces around the working space.

We've also added a water bottle, fancy pens, and more to complete the package's lineup of fun focus enhancers. Find out more details about the Office Zen Swag Pack, one of the fun company swag ideas on our list, by clicking on the link above.

Child of the 80s-90s Nostalgia Swag Pack

When thinking about fun, creative swag ideas, think of our Child of the 80s-90s Nostalgia Swag pack because it is the absolute best! Help people bring back awesome memories from the early 80s and 90s by distributing this exciting pack. 

It includes a colorful slap bracelet that can be accessorized on nearly any outfit, a diner mug that makes coffee more enjoyable, a mini table basketball game, and many more fun nostalgic items. 

If you weren't sure about what you include in your fun company swag ideas, try this pack and thank Swag Bar later! Click on the link above to get the full details on our Child of the 80s-90s Nostalgia Swag Pack.

Born in the USA Swag Pack

What do you know about fun, creative swag ideas? Well, they can be unconventional but never short of quality and delightful items. Speaking of out-of-the-world swag packs, check out our Born in the USA swag pack! Although it doesn't contain the most products, you cannot find another package that beats its thoughtful combo.

It includes a comfy USA-made Tee that can blend into any type of fit, including casual and corporate. You'll also find a lovely dad hat, warm cotton socks, a clear plastic cup with a lid, and other premium-quality items. 

If you have been looking, here is a marketing swag to promote your American-made business at conferences, occasions, and more. Click on the link above to see all the details of our Born in the USA swag pack, including the minimum orders, delivery period, and price.

Keep it Green Swag Pack

How about fun swag ideas made up of eco-friendly items? We've got you! Our Keep It Green Swag pack is the best sustainable gift box in the industry. It contains ethically sourced premium items, from apparel to drinkware and stationaries. 

Among the items included is the 4-pack bamboo coaster set efficient for table protection and preventing drink contamination. There's also the high-quality recycled tri-blend Tee made by famous apparel maker, Allmade, a straw coffee mug, comfy hiking socks by Lab Merino, and lots more. 

See the complete list of products in our Keep It Green Eco Swag Pack and other information by clicking on the link above.

No Thought Required Swag Pack

Spontaneity can make up the most fun creative swag ideas too! So, whenever you feel too lazy or tired to pick out swag items but need something exciting, try our No Thoughts Required Swag Pack. As random as the products in the package may seem, they are things that your recipients will absolutely appreciate! 

This pack contains a high-quality cotton tee from famous apparel maker Bella & Canvas. We've also added comfy knitted socks, fancy pens, a journal, and many more everyday items from reputable companies.

If this pack interests you, click on the link above to see a complete list of the items included, minimum orders, price, and expected delivery date.

Individual Items You Can Build Fun Swag Packs From

Who says you can't create a fun swag pack from scratch? It's the opposite with Swag Bar! You can always bring your own gift box to life by picking out some of the items listed on our products page. Some of the fun products to look out for are;

  • Zigoo Collapsible Water Bottle: It's a drinkware, unlike anything your recipients come across daily! You might want to add this fun water bottle to your swag pack to make a difference.
  • Webcam Light Ring: Give your employees, clients, prospects, and vendors a webcam Light Ring for their streaming zoom meetings and more and watch them grin as they open up their gift boxes.
  • 5W Wireless Charging Mousepad: This mouse pad is not something your recipients will anticipate in a swag pack! It will come in as a handy surprise that raises your company's standards in multiple folds.
  • Nylon Outdoor Pocket Blanket: Help your picnic-loving recipients reduce their loads on outings with this functional blanket. It can be used on different occasions, including backyard bbq, beach days, garden parties, backpacking, camping, and more.
  • Dual-sided microfiber screen cleaning cloth: As cheap as screen cleaning clothes are, not everybody has one. Show your recipients that you understand their plight by including one of these dual-sided screen cleaners in your fun swag ideas.
  • Retro Mini Video Game Console: Equipped with 400 fun games, our retro mini video game plays a large part in helping people to relax after a stressful day. They are one of the most fun items to include in the best conference swag ideas for your company.
  • Mahogany wireless speaker and charger: Here's one item that can stand alone as swag yet wow your audience and leave a lasting impression of your brand. Distribute our mahogany wireless speaker and charger at your events, and watch your ratings soar!

There's more, too - these are just a few that stood out to us as particularly fun. The possibilities are endless at Swag Bar - head over to our site and take a look!

Why Your Business Needs Fun, Creative Swag Ideas

Wondering why you should go through the hassle of picking out fun swag items for your company's prospects, employees, clients, and vendors? Here are the benefits you’ll unlock by putting forth the effort for this process…

Stand Out Among a Sea of Boring, Mundane Swag Ideas

Many companies distribute a promotion gift box to people but often forget that not just any item will do. The goal of swag is to leave a lasting impression and stand out to the recipients. But you’re not the only business investing in swag - your competitors are too. If your swag is fun, it will stand out among the others and create a better long-lasting impression in people's minds.

Strengthen Relationships With Clients & Vendors

Fun client gift boxes can help you develop a stronger bond with your clients and vendors. It can set you apart from your supplier's remaining customers and help them feel recognized and valued by your business. The same goes with your clients- giving them gifts will help nurture your relationship with them and ensure they keep patronizing your business.

Increase Employee Morale

Distributing swag and corporate gifts to your employees helps you build and maintain a good workspace culture and boost employee morale. You can introduce different types of swag, from welcome kit for new employee to employee appreciation gift boxes and milestone celebrations to motivate your workers all year long.

Why Swag Bar is the Right Choice to Help Make Swag Fun Again

Swag Bar is your #1 gifting company to create the best fun swag packs for your business. We are not only the coolest at what we do, but we also make your ordering process easier and faster than any other company can offer you. 

Here's why you should choose Swag Bar to switch up your boring Swag;

  • We handpick all the products on our list to ensure our clients get premium quality items. You have absolutely nothing to worry about because we use these products ourselves!
  • At Swag Bar, our designs are exceptional and eye-catching. You can rest easy leaving your customization jobs to us because we have the best design team in the seven kingdoms! And by partnering up with one of our designers, you can effortlessly bring your vision to life.
  • Lastly, we offer world-class service to all our clients. Rest assured, we'll respond to your inquiries and swag needs anytime you call us. And we can guide you through the process step by step to take any stress you feel around swag off your plate. Relax - we’ve got this!

Final Thoughts on the Most Fun Company Swag Ideas You Can Use in Your Own Business

Any company can come up with swag ideas for its conferences, trade shows, special occasions, and other events. However, only a few create the company gift boxes that people actually want. 

Generally, it’s tough to please everyone, but that ends when you do business with Swag Bar! Whenever you are ready, call us for help creating the best fun swag packages for any event. We offer corporate gifting services, including special-themed boxes, virtual swag bags, appreciation packages, and many more. 

If you’re ready to switch from boring, mundane swag to fun, delightful gift boxes, head over to our site now to get started!