Luxury Swag Bag Ideas for Companies & Events Alike

Luxury Swag Bag Ideas for Companies & Events Alike

Luxury Swag Bag Ideas for Companies & Events Alike

Swag bags are instrumental in creating brand familiarity and delighting event attendees. As long as the items are helpful, relevant, and aligned with your brand, you can be sure that investing in swag bags will turn first-timers into long-term customers.

Swag bags still work for great advertising. This 2019 report from the ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) shows that 85 percent of people can remember the name of the brand that gave them a promotional product.

However, these adult-version goodie bags also can be a waste of money and ruin campaigns if brand managers don’t know what they’re doing.

For this reason, Swag Bar comes to the rescue to help brands choose promotional products and create a swag bag that makes a lasting impression on the target audience - making us the #1 choice for swag boxes.

In the rest of this post, you will learn some of the best luxury swag bag ideas you can put together for your company, events, conferences, and all. An excellent place to start would be to understand its importance.

What Sets Luxury Swag Bag Ideas Apart from the Traditional Choices?

Unlike traditional choices, luxury swag bag ideas feature high-end goods. You’re used to getting cheap t-shirts, office supplies, and other low-quality boring items in swag bags.

With luxury swag bag ideas, you can completely change the narrative of your swag efforts and stand out from the crowd. Especially important at tradeshows/events - but for any use.

Items of value may come at a price, but these high-end promotional splurges will create a lasting impression. They not only come with attractiveness but also make recipients appreciate your gift even more, thereby falling in love with your brand.

When you put cheap or traditional items in your Swag bags and give them to attendees, chances are they won’t be eye-catching and won’t provide plenty of utility.

But with pre-assembled luxury goodie bags, recipients will know you thought carefully about these gift sets and are not only concerned about the promotion.

Luxury company swag ideas range from deluxe yoga bags to stylish backpack sets. But there is more.

Benefits of Investing in High-End Swag for Your Business or Event

To those employees who have been knocking it out of the park, you’d want your company to gift them with gifts employees actually want. Low-end goodie bags with inferior items may be attractive, but it is not great to let your employees know how valuable they are to your team.

Items like comfortable fleece jackets, attractive wine tumblers, and activewear are ideas for a high-end swag bag for your business.

Even for your corporate event or trade show, the kind of swag bag you give out will speak volumes of your brand’s dedication to quality. With the suitable high-end prizes in these bags:

  • You will get people to participate in your events
  • Your brand’s logo will be with them for years because the items have great utility (especially when the items include speakers and tumblers)
  • Expensive gifts will better communicate how valuable your team members are
  • You indirectly pass the impression that you thought carefully about these gift sets for your attendees.

Of course, there are plenty of swag bag ideas for any audience at varying price points. But investing in high-end ones, filled with high-quality products, does better. 

What are the Best Branded Luxury Swag Bag Ideas in 2022?

The best-branded luxury swag bag ideas have the potential to convert attendees into customers, transforming your investments in these goodies into a money hole. We have put together some of the best items you can include in your next swag bag.

Branding these items and including them in the package will work well for conference swag bags, company gift boxes, and even welcome packages for new team members in your company.

North Face clothing

Being a famous brand for cold-weather gear, branded North Face clothing is a luxurious item that shouldn’t be missing in a luxury swag bag for your brand.

The popular opinion is that North Face's clothing and accessories are pretty pricey. As a result, including these items in your goodie bag adds value.

Our North Face Ridgewell soft shell jacket, North Face everyday insulated puffy vest, North Face fleece vest, North Face fleece jacket, and North Face dry vent rain jacket are ideas you can include in the bag.

Since this clothing is known for its longevity, your brand logo and name will remain with your attendees for dozens of years.

Portable speakers

You can splurge on branded, portable, wireless speakers to include in your swag bag for a tech-oriented audience or workspace.

Aside from the value of having a speaker, the item is versatile and a great outdoor companion, which presents an excellent opportunity to make your employees carry the company’s identity around!

For this reason, we include the Light Up mini wireless speaker, Chyrp wireless speaker, Mahogany wireless speaker & charger, and even the Aquathump wireless waterproof speaker as ideas for your next luxury branded swag bag.

Apple Airpods

Many people love Apple Airpod for its active noise cancellation, spatial audio, Siri personal assistant, and ability to automatically switch between Apple devices.

If your swag budget allows for it, these are solid gift ideas for your company to include in a branded luxury swag bag.

Herschel Backpacks & Luggage

Herschel backpacks and luggage should never be separated from items you want to include in your branded luxury swag bag.  These backpacks work, especially when you’ve studied your audience to be regular gym goers, enjoy out-of-town weekend trips, attend school, and work.

These items have subtle, minor detailing, allowing your brand’s logo or inscription to be nearly vocal when your attendees carry it around.

The Herschel Classic backpack and Herschel 20" weekender duffel listed on our item ideas are great options, especially for swag giveaway ideas.

Klean Kanteens or Yeti tumblers

Regarding drinkware items to include in a branded luxury swag bag for your brand, you should consider Klean Kanteens or Yeti Tumblers.

These heavy-duty water bottles will help your audience or employees meet their hydration goals in style. You can go for the Yeti 20 oz. vacuum rambler tumbler or Klean Kanteen insulated 20 oz. water bottle listed on our available item ideas.

They are leak-resistant lids to prevent spills in the office, dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, and double-walled insulated to keep drinks piping hot.

Nike Clothing

Nike clothing never goes out of trend or style. So if you study your audience to be health and wellness-focused, these items are great to include in your branded luxury swag bags – from the dri-fit polo to the high-end athletic shoes.

Wireless chargers or power banks 

The best-branded luxury swag bag items for your company are ones with purpose. When you include branded, high-end wireless chargers or power banks as part of the goodies in the swag box, your team members or audience will most likely use it repeatedly.

By extension, you keep your brand identity in their memory. Power banks are one of the high-end but affordable tech gadgets you can include in the box to make it look luxurious.

Retro video game consoles

Give your attendees or employees a chance to get close to the retro gaming experience without returning in time; including Retro video game consoles in your company’s branded luxury swag boxes elevates the package.

The Retro mini video game console with 400 games listed in our extensive item ideas is a great choice.

Plant growing kits

Plant growing kits are another excellent item to include in a branded luxury goodie bag, especially to welcome new team members to your company. It also doubles as an eco-friendly giveaway gift for weddings or other events. For example, it could be an Air plant or Modern Sprout Tapered tumbler grow kit.

Workout sets

The tricky part of including fitness items in a luxury swag bag is that, when received by health junkies, they probably know exactly what they like and already own it.

Choosing a luxury gift in this area is tough, but you can never go wrong with item ideas like a workout strength resistance band set. So we include it in our extensive swag bag items ideas for outdoor enthusiasts.

Scented candles

It is a no-brainer that Scented candles belong in the best conference swag ideas. As they sit in the room of your audience, creating a unique atmosphere, your brand name and logo are displayed as long as that item is present in their homes.

Scented candles go in hand with interior decoration due to their purified design. Hence, including this in your branded swag box is an intelligent way to send your brand identity into peoples’ homes.

Why Get Your Luxury Swag Bag Ideas from Swag Bar?

If you’re looking to build a promotional swag box, there is no better choice than Swag Bar. Here’s why;

Unbeatable Prices on Branded Luxury Items

We have the expertise and experience to provide you with less-expensive but effective branded items that will fit your budget, so you can focus on what matters most - building relationships with your customer.

Our wide variety of products is perfect for any type of business and budget, from lower-priced but still high-quality branded items to luxurious, expensive ones.

We Have Pre-Curated Swag Boxes, Too!

With our pre-curated Swag Boxes for companies to use at events, we save you the stress of thinking about what you should put in the swag bags.

The idea behind Swag Bar is simple: you buy a box, and we'll pack it with your company's logo and branding. All packages are fully customizable, meaning you can choose which items go in your box, which colors are used, and how many things are included.

Straightforward, Seamless Customization & Ordering Process

The process starts by picking out a box size and color, then choosing from our extensive list of swag items that can go inside each box. You can also add custom messages on each item and specific instructions for packing the boxes.

Exceptional Customer Support Every Step of the Way

It's not easy to find a company that provides exceptional customer supports every step of the way. Swag Bar is one such company. As such, you can easily communicate with us to put together your swag bags for your brand's events, teams, and parties.

Ready to Get the Ball Rolling Today?

Step 1: Pick your pack among our extensive, creative preset packs or create your own.

Step 2: Get in touch with our dedicated design team through a phone call, a sketch, or a design sample to describe your design vision that will help us create that unique theme for your brand. From there, our design team will work with you to ensure your design is spot on, following every observation from your feedback.

Step 3: Once you approve it, your order will be placed on the production queue after you process the payment. Expect delivery of your Swag bags within 15 to 30 days.

Wrapping Up Our Guide to the Top Luxury Swag Box Ideas in 2022

Luxurious swag bags are becoming a popular trend in the marketing world. They are a great way to promote your brand and business while attracting new customers. They are also a memorable way to thank clients for their loyalty.

Investing in luxurious swag bags is essential for any brand because they can help you impact people's lives and leave a lasting impression on them.

We are here to help you with swag bag planning so that you get the best value for your money and get what you need from your campaign, from new hire swag boxes to swag boxes for virtual events, employee gift boxes, and even client gift boxes.

Ready to create the most fabulous promotional swag boxes for your company?