The Best Sustainable Swag Ideas to Help You Stay Eco-Friendly With Corporate Gifting

The Best Sustainable Swag Ideas to Help You Stay Eco-Friendly With Corporate Gifting

The Best Sustainable Swag Ideas to Help You Stay Eco-Friendly With Corporate Gifting

Many companies today incorporate swag distribution into their marketing strategy because it produces great results. They give out swag boxes during events, like conferences, milestone celebrations, trade fairs, and more, to their clients, employees, vendors, and even prospects to promote their brand. 

For swag to work effectively, the gift items have to strike a cord in the recipient's heart, and one of the ways to do that is by selecting the gifts thoughtfully. Any company can give corporate gifts, from journals to apparel and everyday items, but can your brand’s swag stand out in the highly competitive market?

We are here to make sure of that! Win the hearts of your business partners, clients, suppliers, employees, and prospects with sustainable swag ideas. With many people joining the sustainability movement each day, there's no doubt you will gather the right attention with an Eco-Friendly swag pack.

Ready to curate your first or hundredth sustainable company swag ideas? Read through this article to see the best Eco-Friendly swag ideas and how to put them together in no time.

What Makes an Item “Sustainable”?

Before bringing your sustainable swag ideas to life, you must be wondering how to recognize the items that fit into the pack. To do that, it is crucial to understand what being a sustainable product is all about. 

According to Earth911, for an item to be sustainable or eco-friendly, it must not directly harm the environment during production or consumption. Such an item must have economic, social, and environmental benefits and, at the same time, protect the well-being of the public and the environment.

Sustainable items are usually recyclable or can decompose after their useful life, which allows them to be disposed of with minimal impact on the earth's wellbeing.

When in doubt, here are the basic characteristics to recognize sustainable items;

  • Their major components come from harmless sources.
  • They are recyclable
  • Their manufacturing process must have a minimal negative impact on the environment.
  • They can decompose after their useful life.
  • They are usually certified by sustainability compliance agencies, like LEED, USDA organic, Green Business Bureau, Fitwel Ambassador, Living Future Accreditation, Safer Choice, WELL, and more. 

Why Sustainable Swag Ideas are Becoming Increasingly Popular - and Why You Need to Buy in!

Eco-friendly swag ideas are fast becoming a trend in many companies because of their benefits. In addition to helping your brand stand out, sustainable swag ideas help to impact the environment positively. 

Here are a couple of reasons why you should incorporate sustainable swag bag ideas into your corporate gifting;

As a Business Owner, Your Impact is Greater Than Most

Businesses, especially those in the manufacturing industry, have the most impact on the environment. There's a limit to wastes that individuals can produce than companies that create products. Maintaining a sustainable business, through and through, in your company will affect society positively. 

Using eco-friendly swag gifting as a brand owner, you can teach clients, employees, and vendors about business sustainability and extend it to outsiders who may become your customers through your nice gesture and ethical principles.

Your Clients Care About Sustainability - and Showing Them You Do Too Scores You Brownie Points!

Many of your clients are earth lovers themselves, pursuing sustainability in every aspect of their lives. Distributing client gift boxes curated from your eco-friendly swag ideas will help you to express your mutual love for the earth and your zeal to keep it safe. 

That, of course, can help you gain more loyal customers and even get more referrals.

Improve Your Business Reputation- Double your brand awareness results!

Many people are now living sustainable lifestyles and expect others to do the same. Like it or not, when you distribute sustainable swag bags, you are not only promoting your brand. You are also announcing your involvement in the movement, which can help double or even triple the outcome of your awareness tactics.

What to Consider When Choosing Sustainable Swag Bag Ideas

Eco-friendly swag bag ideas are uniquely themed, meaning selecting items for them requires special considerations. So, regardless of your swag budget and other factors, your sustainable swag  bag ideas should meet the following criteria;

Of Course, The Items Should be Eco-Friendly & Sustainably Sourced!

Since you are curating a sustainable swag box, all selected items should suit the theme. They must be harmless to the environment and public health in the most ways possible. If any of the products don't match, it will ruin your idea of building an Eco-Friendly swag pack.

Focus on Practical Gifts Ideas That Actually Get Used

One factor that determines an item's sustainability is its usability. If the items just get thrown out, it doesn’t just mean a waste of money - it isn’t very sustainable, as they end up in landfills. So, ensure that any eco-friendly swag pack you curate has practical items.

Factor in Quality & Value, Too

Just because an item is sustainable does not mean its quality has to suffer. Ensure that all products in your eco-friendly swag ideas are top-quality. This will not only help to increase their longevity but will also boost your brand's reputation.

If You Need Help Choosing Your Eco-Friendly Swag Ideas, We’re Here to Help

Curating your sustainable swag bag ideas can be a hassle or a failure if you don't know how to source the items or put them together. Luckily, that's why we are here to help you out! If you ever need help creating the best eco-friendly swag ideas, contact us at Swag Bar. We will guide and help you every step of the way!

The Best Sustainable Swag Ideas for Your Business Right Now

Ready to create the best sustainable company gift boxes for your business? See our pre-curated eco-friendly swag pack and individual items to create your own below;

Keep it Green Eco Swag Pack: The #1 Sustainable Swag Bag Idea

There is no better way to show your commitment to the sustainability movement than by distributing our Keep It Green Eco Swag Pack! It is an exciting corporate gift box filled with ethically sourced practical items, from stationaries to apparel.

The Keep it Green Eco Swag Pack contains a high-quality recycled tri-blend t-shirt made by renowned apparel maker, Allmade. You will also find the soft, breathable, and comfy custom wool socks by none other than Lab Merino.

We've also added a white straw coffee mug, a bamboo pen, and many more fun, sustainable items. Click on the link above to learn more about the Keep It Green Eco Swag Pack, including the price, minimum order, and more.

Recycled Clothing: T-shirts, Socks, Beanies, and More

Cop the best-recycled clothing and apparel from Swag Bar to complete your sustainable swag box. They are 100% comfy, natural, sustainable, and produced by well-known, trusted, ethical companies like Allmade and lab Merino. 

One fun thing about these clothing items is that you can gift them to your recipients individually or combine a few to form a wholesome package. We also have varieties available, meaning there are many fun picks to suit your preference!

Reusable Water Bottles & Coffee Mugs

Swag Bar has some of the sleekest eco-friendly drinkware and reusable water bottles available in the market! We have wheat straw coffee mugs, Silipint tumblers, and more in different exciting colors and designs - all 100% sustainable and long-lasting.

Brand one or two of these sustainable drinkware items, add them to your eco-friendly swag pack, and anticipate the genuine grins from your recipients when they unwrap their presents!


Who says plant gifts are old-fashioned? Well, earth lovers think otherwise because they love the sight of the greens! Plants make excellent gifts for many occasions, from birthdays and housewarmings to milestone celebrations and welcome parties. What's more? They last longer than a bottle of wine!

We have adorable Air plants that your recipients will absolutely love. They require minimal care and can thrive in a closed place since they photosynthesize at night. The ability of Air plants to emit fresh oxygen makes them useful for stress and blood pressure reduction. You certainly don't want to miss availing all that to your recipients!

Bamboo Coasters

Help your clients, employees, vendors, and prospects pursue sustainability through and through with our bamboo coaster sets. They are great for holding your mugs and glasses while protecting the surface of your table from burns or extreme temperatures. These bamboo coasters are also safe for covering unfinished drinks to prevent insect contamination. 

Get creative with your sustainable swag ideas today by including Swag Bar bamboo coasters in your package. Trust us, your recipients will never see it coming, and they will love them!

Wooden Bottle Openers

Here's a cute replacement for non-biodegradable metal bottle openers that your recipients will absolutely love! These wooden bottle openers are sustainable and strong enough to open bottles without snapping into two. 

Out of ideas for your sustainable swag? Add a wooden bottle opener to the package to make it merrier!

Bamboo Lunch Set

Consider adding our classy and elegant bamboo eco-friendly lunch set to your swag pack. The reusable boxes are made from bamboo fibers as an alternative to plastics. They have lids made of 100% natural bamboo, which can be used for different purposes, from covering lunch boxes to cutting boards. 

Wood Block Stacking Game

Want to add some fun elements to your sustainable swag box? Try including our wood block stacking game in the mix! It is a popular stacking game with various themes and designs suitable for kids and adults. 

You can simply ask us to brand the blocks with your business logo and designs to make them more personalized and for marketing purposes.

Recycled Luggage & Bags

Don't forget to add our unique recycled backpacks, duffels, and luggage to your sustainable swag. They are nice gym companions, travel buddies, bookholders, laptop carriers, and much more. 

A branded recycled bag will take your business to places you have never dreamt of holding campaigns. 

Small Batch Coffee

A small batch of coffee can never feel out of place in any swag pack. Since most people start their day with a cup of warm coffee, adding a small pack to your gift back is not a bad idea. In fact, your recipients will appreciate and most likely use them.

Make Sure to Use Our Recycled Crinkle Cut Fill!

Your sustainable pack is never complete without our recycled crinkle-cut fill. Make your swag pack completely eco-friendly by using these fun-colored shredded fillers to cushion your gift items.

Why Get Your Eco-Friendly Swag Ideas at Swag Bar?

Swag Bar is the best corporate gifting company to handle your eco-friendly swag pack for any occasion. You can trust us to handle different swag gifts, including employee appreciation gift boxes, promotion gift box, virtual conference swag bag, welcome kits for new employees, and more!

Ready to create top-quality, elegant sustainable swag bags? Contact us at Swag Bar now to get the best deal and packages you will not find elsewhere.

Wrapping Up Our List of Sustainable Swag Bag Ideas

Curating a sustainable swag bag may feel like a bad idea because your options seem limited. However, that is not the case with Swag Bar. You will find fun varieties of individual eco-friendly items and pre-curated packages that will help bring your ideas to life hassle-free on our site.

And if you need help creating the perfect sustainable swag bag for different occasions and recipients, feel free to discuss it with us. We will make the process smooth and effortless throughout your deal with Swag Bar.

What are you waiting for? Head over to our site now to get started!