What is a Swag Box? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Swag Box? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Swag Box? Everything You Need to Know

If you're new to hosting or attending business events and conferences, you may wonder to yourself - what is a swag box? And why do I keep hearing so much about the hype around these? If so, this guide is all you need to learn about swag bags, why you need them, and how to use event boxes to your advantage.

Showing gratitude to the people in your life is essential. While we bring presents for our family and friends, most of us often forget about those in our professional lives. Swag boxes offer an easy solution to show gratitude toward clients and employees. And beyond just showing gratitude, these can actually have a serious ROI for your business. They serve as a key marketing tool, and strengthen relationships with key partners.

With so much hype surrounding swag boxes, many wonder if they’re worth it. After all, you don't want to waste your time, effort, and money. Using swag boxes in your business events has many perks for all business types, including yours. And today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to make it happen. First - what is a swag box?

What is a Swag Box?

Since the 1960s, companies have been giving away swag for promotional purposes. These promotional items were the first version of a swag gift. It typically started with pens that proved an effective marketing strategy.

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers and employees, curating a swag box can help. It is an excellent way to show attendees of your conference that you care about them. Promotional merchandise and gifts help create brand awareness and cultivate a loyal customer base and workforce.

Essentially, swag boxes are gift kits containing promotional products and branded merchandise. While the products don’t necessarily need to be valuable, they become especially useful when they’re practical and useful for the recipients. That said, it is always good when your products resonate with your company’s aesthetic and values. We’ll talk more about what you need to consider when choosing a swag box later on. First - let’s go over some key benefits you’ll unlock by making this simple investment.

What Is a Swag Box Good for? Benefits for Your Business

Now that you know what a swag box is…what is it good for? You may be contemplating whether it’s a good idea to spend money on these boxes. If you’re wondering what’s in it for your business, you might be surprised to learn the incredible perks of using swag boxes. Let’s have a look.

Client Gifts to Strengthen Relationships & Increase Retention

Giving away swag boxes is an excellent marketing strategy to attract more customers. While it may sound a tad bit off, the truth is that customers enjoy freebies. They are more likely to use your services and products when they see you giving away free goodies. So, swag boxes can help attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Employee Gifts to Keep Morale High in the Workplace

You know gifts create happiness and excitement among the recipients - and you feel a bit of those same sensations yourself when giving gifts out. Swag boxes can have the same effect in your workplace. If you're noticing low energy among your employees, cheering them up with gifts is an excellent idea. Giving away swag boxes to your staff can help increase morale in your office. They’re ideal for corporate events, but you can really use these in any setting.

Welcome New Employees & Get Them Comfortable Right Away

When looking up answers for what is a swag box, you may have found that swag boxes are for business events. However, swag packs are not limited to conferences and events - as we just mentioned above. You can use these for different purposes, such as onboarding new employees. Presenting them with a swag box is a sweet way of showing you’re happy about them joining your company. They’ll have a great first impression of your firm and be ready to work hard for you.

Spread Brand Awareness through Swag Giveaways

Are you looking to create more brand awareness and cement a solid brand reputation amongst your target audience? Startups and upcoming companies can use swag boxes to their advantage and develop an impressive brand image. Swag boxes provide a creative way to define your brand for your customers, clients, and competitors.

Thank Vendors and Partners for All They Do for Your Business

As a business in a competitive industry, it is hard to thrive without partners and vendors. Sponsorships are common in business events and conferences, offering an excellent way to pay gratitude to those working in collaboration with you. Mentioning their names on the swag packs or giving away their sample products helps promote your partner businesses.

How to Use Swag Boxes in Your Business

Now, knowing what swag boxes are good for, how can you go about using them in your own business? You undoubtedly are eager to see these benefits firsthand - and with our help, you’ll be well on your way in just a bit! Here’s how to get started...

Determine Your Goal with Swag

When picking a pre-prepared swag pack or customizing one, make sure to choose items that resonate with your company’s ideas. Additionally, determining your goal is essential. Are you interested in attracting new customers? Do you want to define your brand image through your upcoming event? This will influence the type of goods you choose and the manner in which you give them out.

Come Up With Your Swag Budget

Setting a swag budget is one of the first things you should remember when considering giving away swag boxes. Hosting a business event is costly, and companies often spend a lot of money. Having a budget helps prevent spending more than your business can afford.

Pick Interesting, Unique, Practical Products for Your Swag Box

Swag packs are effective for compelling your target audience to attend your business event. But it is hard to impress the attendees with just anything. If you want to leave a lasting impression with your swag packs, make it a point to choose the right swag products. Pick unique and interesting items, but make sure they’re also useful.

Find a Swag Supplier to Help Bring It to Life

It can be challenging for business owners to handle all the responsibilities when arranging business events. You don’t have to pack your swag boxes yourself, especially if you have more important things to do. Find a swag supplier company like Swag Bar that provides pre-curated and customized swag boxes. We’re the best corporate gifting company for a reason!

Execute Your Strategy by Giving Swag Boxes Out

Handing down the swag boxes also makes a huge difference to your attendees away from your conference. Make sure to pick a suitable way of delivering your swag bags to your customers and employees. For example, getting the swag boxes delivered to your attendees' doorsteps is a good strategy for digital business events.

What is a Swag Box? Wrapping Things Up

Swag boxes offer a creative and cost-effective way to share your brand’s core values, culture, and mission with your customers, clients, and employees. Besides helping you establish rapport with your staff and customers, these promotional gift boxes help promote your brand. For that reason, giving away company gift boxes and new employee welcome kits is an essential marketing strategy in many businesses. Swag Bar offers a cost-effective way to bring your swag goals to life. We provide pre-prepared event boxes, and you can also tell us your ideas to get customized packs.