What to Put Inside a Gift Box: Corporate Gift Box Ideas for Employees, Clients, & More!

What to Put Inside a Gift Box: Corporate Gift Box Ideas for Employees, Clients, & More!

What to Put Inside a Gift Box: Corporate Gift Box Ideas for Employees, Clients, & More!

Corporate gifting is one of the many ways to win the hearts of your employees, clients, and associates. The recipients usually find it elevating as it makes them feel valued. Through corporate gifting, you can achieve customer and employee retention because of the reactions it triggers.

Now, sharing corporate gifts does not have to happen on special occasions only. You can find other reasons to give employees gifts on regular days to appreciate their efforts, in working for the business. Clients are not left out, you can give out corporate gifts on some purchases or service patronage. Your business associates will appreciate some gifts after a random meeting too. 

Looking for the best company gift box ideas? We are here to help you make smarter and faster decisions in this post. Read on to see what to put inside a gift box for your employee, clients, and other people associated with the business. We hope you find it handy!

Why Your Corporate Gift Box Ideas Matter so Much

Sharing corporate gift boxes is great but finding the right items for each occasion has several perks. For instance, trade show gift ideas may not work when giving out stuff to celebrate an increase in business ROI. That is because the souvenirs in the former are usually created to match the theme of the event. It would be absurd to give out such items when there is an in-house celebration.

Also, business swag ideas work when giving complimentary gifts to clients, employees, and associates during special brand occasions. They are so shared with the intention of promoting the business and making positive impressions in the market. You would not want to give such gifts to a prominent business associate celebrating their birthday or a professional milestone.

The bottom line is that anytime you want to give gifts for occasions in your business, being deliberate about the items draws a better reaction from the recipients. Thoughtful corporate gift box ideas will make your clients, employees, and other recipients feel more appreciated and valued. It is also a hassle-free way to command respect for your business with a reasonable budget.

So, what is a good gift for employees, clients, and associates on holidays, birthdays, professional milestones, onboarding, and other special occasions? Go to the next session to see some of the most creative business gift box ideas for them all.

What to Put Inside a Gift Box for Any Recipient: The Top Company Gift Box Ideas in 2022

Several items can go into your company gift box ideas, but you have to decide on the combo that suits a particular occasion. At swag bar, we have all your gift box needs covered, from the items to inserts and packaging.

See items you can add to your custom swag boxes, birthday gifts for employees, holiday packages, thank you for business gift box ideas, intern gift ideas, and more below;

Customized Apparel

Apparel can go into most company gift box ideas for special occasions. In fact, they are one of the favorite swag items of your clients. You can always add a t-shirt, hoodie, fleece vest, rain jacket, and other promo apparel into any of your gift box ideas for business when in doubt.


Whenever you are on a swag budget, adding a combo of branded stationeries in your corporate gift box ideas is cost-effective and respectable. Pens, notebooks, and sticky notes are not expensive, yet customers, employees, and other recipients love them. 

Apparel Accessories

Nothing beats adding a couple of accessories to go with the apparel in your company gift boxes. You can pick two out of items like socks, hats, face masks, bean caps, scarves, and gloves to complement them. And if you can afford it, add as many as you can among the items mentioned.


It is not new that Companies give out branded mugs, tumblers, and water bottles to clients, employees, and others. All those drinkware can be presented individually to people or as a part of the corporate swag. There is definitely a favorite when it comes to swag giveaway ideas.

Bags and Duffels

Not only are bags great business gift box ideas, but they are also effective promotional swag items. Most of their recipients will love and carry them around, especially when they are comfy and stylish. Laptop bags, for instance, are very handy for moving PCs safely for people without a vehicle. And since most people own a PC, the recipients of branded laptop bags will use them as the main thing or shuffle with other bags. 


An average person today owns at least one smart device. Sharing items that can be used alongside commonly owned tech items is thoughtful and creative. You can add stuff like ring lights, phone stands, key finders, blue light-blocking glasses, earpods, power banks, mouse pads, mini speakers, pop sockets, screen cleaning cloth, and more.

There are many more items that belong in your corporate gift box ideas that are not listed here. See other corporate gift box ideas for employees, clients, and others on our site.

Want to Keep Things Simple? Check Out These Pre-Curated Corporate Gift Box Ideas!

Don't know what to put inside a gift box? That's why we are here!

At Swag Bar, we have a couple of exciting pre-curated gift box ideas for business. See three of our best packages below;

Tech Lover swag pack

Here's one that almost any recipient would appreciate. With everyone owning at least one or two tech devices, the Tech Lover Swag Pack will definitely hit the right spot for anybody.

The content included in this swag box includes; 

  • Phone Stand
  • Single port wall charger
  • Laser engraved webcam cover
  • Vegan leather tech taco
  • SpotPro Key finder
  • 4×6" insert card
  • Blue light blocking glasses
  • Rubberized power bank
  • Chyrp Wireless Speaker
  • Custom Printed Mailer box
  • Crinkle cut fill

The Tech Lover Swag Pack costs $65 per one for 1000 packs and $90 per one for 50 packs.

Summertime Swag Pack

A thoughtful gift always wins the heart of its recipients. Show your employees that all work and no beach days are a No No, with our Summertime Swag Pack. 

The package includes; 

  • Medium-weight beach towel
  • Knit drunk koozie
  • Color frame sunglasses
  • Light-up mini wireless speaker
  • Wooden bottle opener
  • 12 oz. travel wine tumbler
  • 1.9 oz. SPF 30 sunscreen with carabiner 
  • Custom printed mailer box
  • Crinkle cut fill

The summertime Swag Pack costs $69 per one for 1000 packs and $93 per one for 100 packs.

Keep It Green Eco Swag Pack

Here's one you can give clients to show your commitment to keeping the earth happy! Keep It Green Eco Swag Pack contains items that are recyclable and promote sustainability. 

It includes;

  • Allmade Recycle Triblend T-shirt
  • Custom sock Lab Merino Wool Hiking Socks
  • Silipint 16 oz. Tumbler w/ lid
  • 12 oz. Wheat straw coffee mug
  • Sustainable Bamboo pens (2 packs)
  • Bamboo Coaster set (4 pack)
  • 4×6" flat insert card (recycled)
  • Custom printed mailer box (recycled)
  • Recycled Crinkle Cut Fill 

The Keep It Green Eco Swag Pack costs $55 per one for 1000 packs and $90 per one for 50 packs. 

Visit the Swag Bar site to see other amazing corporate gift box ideas.

Final Thoughts on the Best Business Gift Box Ideas of the Year

Rewarding your employees, loyal clients, and associates may bring extra expenses to the business, but it also increases employee retention, patronage, and good brand perception. When sharing corporate gift boxes, ensure that they are tailored to the occasion and personal interests of the recipients.

Now, you may find picking all the items that fit into your swag box stressful and time-consuming. But, that is why we are here. 

At Swag Bar, we have diverse corporate gift box ideas for different occasions. You can always visit our site to get ideas for new employee welcome kits, virtual swag bags, intern gift boxes, client gift boxes, promotional gift boxes, and other gift ideas. 

If you don't see the package you like among Swag Bar pre-curated gift boxes, customize yours! You can pick from the countless corporate gift box content on our site to make up the swag gift box that suits your needs.