Virtual Event Swag Ideas: Gift Box & Bag Inspiration for Your Upcoming Digital Conference

Virtual Event Swag Ideas: Gift Box & Bag Inspiration for Your Upcoming Digital Conference

Virtual Event Swag Ideas: Gift Box & Bag Inspiration for Your Upcoming Digital Conference

Are you looking for the best virtual event swag bag ideas? If so, this guide is all you need for creating virtual conference gift ideas that are certain to attract a larger audience.

The pandemic has affected various aspects of the world, including business. Thanks to its impact on physical meetings, businesses, and their marketing departments found creative ways to make their digital conferences more interesting. They had little choice but to shift from in-person conferences to virtual events.

Although the “stay home, stay safe” restrictions have now lifted, virtual conferences have seemed to replace in-person corporate events. However, engaging in these events without a physical connection with the people, ideas, or products is difficult.

Virtual and hybrid events allow you to generate revenue and brand-boosting benefits, but you may be missing out on something that can do wonders-SWAG. With our amazing virtual swag bag ideas, your attendees do not have to miss out on the freebies they would otherwise get during in-person corporate events.

So if you’re ready, let’s get gifting. We’ll kick this discussion off by explaining why these virtual event box ideas are so important…

Why You Need to Make a Statement with These Virtual Event Swag Ideas

Virtual event bags are similar to swag bags that attendees receive during physical corporate conferences. The only difference between the two is that these are offered at virtual events instead of in-person events.

Virtual swag bag ideas include a collection of giveaways companies send to their audiences in virtual conferences. Not many people know, but it is possible to prepare virtual event swag bags in multiple ways. For instance, you can send over physical gifts to the attendees or pick digital versions that can be sent via email.

Just like physical swag bags, they help improve brand awareness while engaging the audience and maintaining their attention. That’s not all; learning about more swag bag ideas for virtual events allows you to generate profits from investment returns.

The perks are many, but establishing a brand reputation is one of the primary reasons companies opt for virtual conference gifts. Therefore, ensuring that your specific virtual swag bag ideas help you make a brand statement is critical.

So, pick virtual conference gift ideas that promise a similar effect as a physical goodie bag. After all, virtual swag bags aim to give the attendees something that will help them remember your corporate event and its sponsors. With your swag bags, you want to make a lasting impression on your audience that will retain even after the corporate event.

So, make sure to spend sufficient time and effort on your marketing plan for your corporate event. Your virtual event bags should look good, make the attendees feel included, and make a bold statement worth remembering. After all, having something special is necessary to spice up any event.

What to Consider When Seeking the Best Virtual Swag Bag Ideas

The possibilities for physical swag bags are limitless. But when you‘re new to digital conferences, it can feel pretty overwhelming. You want to make a statement and give out the best virtual swag bags. Here are some essential factors to keep in mind when looking for the best virtual event box ideas.

Originality & Uniqueness

Establishing your brand’s reputation is a primary goal of any corporate event, whether physical or digital. However, achieving it is only possible through originality. Besides preparing interesting itineraries, you need to get unique swag ideas for virtual events.

Therefore, make sure that keeping your event unique is your main focus. Look out for the swag bags your competitors give out and avoid making similar ones. Your virtual event box ideas should be relevant to the event type, brand, and products/services.


A lot of people will be compelled to attend your event when they hear about the free goodies. Giving swag event boxes are an effective way to grab your audience’s attention. But will all sorts of items do the work? When seeking virtual swag bag ideas, it is best to look for something more practical.

Things that they can use are more attractive to potential attendees than more impractical items. It is ideal for giving away products that interest your target audience. Anything that will come in handy is great.

Ease of Customization & Ordering

It is best to look for virtual event swag ideas that are easy to customize and order. Preparing virtual swag bags requires time and effort.

You have to select the right items, prepare the boxes/bags, and send them out. Not to mention, you have a lot of other things to plan and tackle regarding your upcoming virtual conference. So, how can marketers make giving away virtual swag bags easier?

You can hire companies that provide pre-prepared virtual swag bags for companies and businesses operating in different industries. Make sure they offer easy customization with excellent customer service.

The Best Virtual Event Swag Ideas of 2022: Stand Out With these Virtual Conference Gift Ideas

Swag bags go hand in hand with business conferences and corporate events. These virtual event bags contain promotional items that companies hand out to all their event attendees.

They are essential for keeping the audience engaged and preventing virtual event fatigue. Swag Bar is ideal for companies looking for pre-curated virtual event gift boxes.

Are you looking for the best virtual event swag ideas? Here are some that you can choose from.

Child of the 80s-90s Nostalgia Pack

It is arguably one of Swag Bar’s best virtual swag bags for your employees and attendees. Child of the 80s-90s Nostalgia Pack is the ultimate choice to make your corporate events more fun. This pack allows the audience to go back to the 80s and 90s through your events. It features amazing items like

  •         Fanny Pack
  •         Slap Bracelet
  •         Maze Pen
  •         Classic Cotton Ribbed Athletic Crew Socks
  •         Bella + Canvas Airlume Cotton T-Shirt
  •         Mini Desk Basketball Game
  •         And much more!

Keep it Green Eco Swag Pack

Do you want to do more than just host a corporate event? If so, you can choose the Keep It Green Eco Swag Pack. Not only is the virtual event swag box good for, the environment but you can also build an impressive brand reputation with this one. Encourage your corporate event attendees with this amazing virtual gift bag that includes:

  •         Custom Sock Lab Merino Wool Hiking Socks
  •         Bamboo Coaster Set (pack of 4)
  •         Sustainable Bamboo Pens
  •         12 oz. Wheat Straw Coffee Mug
  •         Allmade Recycled Triblend T-Shirt
  •         And much more!

Office Zen Swag Pack

The Office Zen Swag Pack is ideal for companies looking to host a corporate event for their staff. If you want to maintain your employees’ attention to the task at hand, this virtual gift bag is a fun way to do it. It contains items that will surely keep the attendees calm and focused, such as:

  •         Haworthia coarctata Planter
  •         Stone Coaster
  •         Die-Cut Magnet Pack
  •         Medium Pennant
  •         5.5 x 8.25 Medium Soft Touch Pens (Pack of 2)
  •         H2Go Force 17 oz. Water Bottle
  •         And much more!

No Thought Required Swag Pack

As the name already suggests, this one is a no-brainer. It makes the ideal choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about virtual event swag ideas. It is the ultimate event box with goodies that never disappoint corporate event attendees. Our crowd-pleaser No Thought Required Swag Pack  swag pack includes:

  •         Metal Soft Touch Pens
  •         Die-Cut Sticker Pack
  •         Ceramic Campfire Mug
  •         Bella & Canvas Airlume Cotton T-Shirt
  •         5.5 x 8.25” Medium Soft Touch Hardback Notebook
  •         And much more!

Summertime Swag Pack

Holding a conference during the summer? Then think no further than Swag Bar’s Summertime Swag Pack. This virtual swag bag contains everything one could need to soak up the sun and enjoy the season to the fullest. It features items like:

  •         Wooden Bottle Opener
  •         Medium Weight Beach Towel
  •         Knit Drink Koozie
  •         12 oz. Travel Wine Tumbler
  •         Color Frame Sunglasses
  •         Sunscreen with Carabiner
  •         And much more!

Spring Picnic Swag Pack

Do you have an upcoming spring corporate event? With the Spring Picnic Swag Pack, you can rest assured that your attendees will enjoy a fun, laid-back experience. In fact, your audience is going to look forward to using the goodies in this virtual swag pack. It includes products like:

  •         Barrel Roll-Up Fleece Picnic Blanket
  •         Adams Apple Blackberry Pepper Jam
  •         Connect 4 Game
  •         12 oz. Travel Wine Tumblers (pack of 2)
  •         Cards Deck
  •         Sahale Maple Pecans
  •         Sock Swag Pack
  •         And much more!

Everyone likes socks, don’t they? If you agree and want to do something wholesome for your corporate event attendees, you shouldn't miss out on the Sock Swag Pack! It doesn't matter which season you're hosting your conference; these socks never disappoint. The virtual swag bag includes:

  •         Sock Lab Cotton Dress Socks (Pack of 3)
  •         Custom Printed Small Sock Box

Want to Build Your Own Virtual Event Swag Box Ideas

A lot of companies feel the need to prepare their personal swag boxes. You may not want your virtual swag bags to match with any other company, so that’s understandable. However, you’ll still need creative swag ideas for virtual events and some help.

Besides providing companies with pre-prepared virtual swag boxes, Swag Bar has a vast collection of products that you can pick from to create your virtual swag bags for your corporate event.

Visit the Create Your Own Swag Pack page and browse the multiple categories to make your unique swag pack. You can go through the following categories.


The collection is full of t-shirts, jackets, and more. Some of the best products include:

  •         North Face Fleece Vest
  •         North Face DryVent Rain Jacket
  •         Super Soft Raglan Crewneck Sweatshirt
  •         Nike Dri-Fit Polo
  •         Women’s Relaxed Fit Triblend T-Shirt

Apparel Accessories

Don't you think putting entire jackets and t-shirts in the goodie bags is a good idea? If so, you can opt for cute apparel accessories like:

  •         Classic Cotton Ribbed Athletic Crew Socks
  •         Dry Performance UPF 50+ Athletic Hat
  •         Custom Sock Lab Knit Dress Socks
  •         Embroidered Snapback Trucker Hat


You have to agree, drinkware like mugs and tumblers make the best corporate gifts. You will need other virtual conference gift ideas with the following giftware options.

  •         15 oz. Dinner Coffee Mug
  •         14 oz. Vacuum Camper Travel Mug
  •         H2Go Tread 25 oz. Water Bottle
  •         Welly 18 oz. Bamboo Water Bottle

Other Categories

  •         Writing and Pens
  •         Tech
  •         Bags and Duffels
  •         Coffee, Tea, and Snacks
  •         And much more!

Bring These Virtual Event Swag Ideas to Life With Our Help

Swag Bar is your number-one pick for ordering pre-curated or customized virtual swag bags. We have a vast collection of pre-prepared swag packs, including Child of the 80s-90s Nostalgia Pack, Keep It Green Eco Swag Pack, No Thought Required Swag Pack, and more.

We also have new employee welcome kits, promotional gift boxes, company gift boxes, etc. Swag Bar focuses on creating unique virtual event bags while also providing you with amazing virtual event swag ideas. To place an order, you have to:

  •         Pick a pack or create a customized one
  •         Describe how you want your virtual swag bags to look
  •         Get a swag bag design and provide feedback
  •         Approve the swag bag
  •         Wait for shipment in fifteen to thirty days

Our collection is the #1 choice for swag boxes for any use. We also have new employee welcome kits, promotional gift boxes, company gift boxes, and much more. Visit our site to discover how we can help bring your virtual swag ideas to life! 

Final Thoughts on Swag Ideas for Virtual Events

Giving away swag bags effectively draws your target audience’s attention and establishes brand awareness. As physical conferences shift to Zoom and other online platforms, companies create creative ways to keep the attendee's attention.

Swag Bar offers pre-prepared and customized virtual event bags you can use for your upcoming digital conference. So, visit our website today to see all that we have to offer!